The Supercharged Nitemare is not only about power. This F-150 was lowered from stock for better handling. And it's a hard-working truck.

It seems like most V-8 swapped E30 BMWs have Chevy engines these days. This beauty has an M62 engine from a 2000 740i.

Adding a new exhaust is a quick and easy way to add more horsepower, torque, and style to your bike.


Ford Pinchero Merges a Pickup and Subcompact

This custom 1975 Ford Pinto "Pinchero" pickup proves the point. Trucks don’t have to be huge to get the job done.

By Chris Tonn


1969 2000TC Reveals the Beauty of a Rover Sedan

The Rover 2000, also known as a P6, was introduced in 1963. Upon its arrival, it was heralded as a modern and sophisticated sedan.

By Jim Travers

Vintage car audio is one more way to give your ride that time-machine vibe. The hunt is part of the fun.

The Alfa Romeo 155 came with a dizzying array of special editions, options, and engines, including the revvy 2.0-liter Twin Spark.

The hand brake, also known as the parking brake, prevents vehicles from rolling when parked. They're also useful in competition.

Rusty brake rotors are an eyesore and pose a safety risk. Here are several ways to safely remove the rust.

In addition to its iconic engine and updated oiling system, the EL Knucklehead has a double-cradle frame and moly-steel springer fork.

Cars of this era are just starting to earn the appreciation they deserve. This beautiful Chrysler Laser example is worth a long look.