Tag: Worlds Fastest Car Show Season Two

WFCS2.24 Night Vision Driving in Audi
19 Dec

World’s Fastest Car Show, Night Vision Driving

WFCS 2.24 – Night Vision Driving in an Audi In my racing career I have done a lot of fun crazy things, but none like this one! When my producer suggested it I thought he was joking, but next thing I knew I was hurtling around a race track fixated on a three inch screen […]


WFCS 2.23 Recreating Bullitt Chase Scene
18 Dec

World’s Fastest Car Show, Bullitt Car Chase [video]

WFCS 2.23 – Recreating Classic Bullitt Car Chase Driving the streets of San Francisco in the tire marks of one of the most famous car chase scenes was a real treat. Since the movie Le Mans we have had a family connection to Steve McQueen. So knowing that I was seeing what he saw (albeit […]


world's fastest car show with justin bell
15 Oct

World’s Fastest Car Show, Season 2, Episode 9 [video]

WFCS 2.9 Test Driving the Mercedes-Benz GL450 Spaceships, futuristic technology and the new Mercedes GL450 all came together for me when I headed to New Mexico to take this impressive vehicle on a road trip. And as you would expect when you land that close to the infamous area of Roswell – some strange things […]


2013 BMW M6 convertible
11 Oct

World’s Fastest Car Show, Season 2, Episode 8 [video]

WFCS 2.8: BMW M6 Over the years some of my best driving experiences have come courtesy of BMW and this time, with the roof down under the brilliant California mountain sunshine, I had another one. What an amazingly fast and enjoyable car the M6 convertible is and to think, this type of a good time […]


world's fastest car show season 2, episode 7 - fiat abart, las vegas
08 Oct

World’s Fastest Car Show, Season 2, Episode 7 [video]

WFCS 2.7: Fiat Abarth, Las Vegas I’m always up for life’s challenges, but this one may be extreme — even for me. I was to go to Vegas, stay in the most exclusive hotel room on the strip, take the new Fiat Abarth and see how much trouble I can get into. After getting the […]


03 Oct

World’s Fastest Car Show, Season 2, Episode 6 [video]

WFCS 2.6: Drifting School (Formula Drift eBay Racing Ford Mustang) I have raced many kinds of cars all over the world but one form of the sport that has blown me away by its profile and appeal – is drifting. I spend my life trying not to get too sideways or I do a slow […]


anatomy of a race car: Tiger Racing Ford Mustang
01 Oct

World’s Fastest Car Show, Season 2, Episode 5 [video]

WFCS 2.5: eBay Racing – Tiger Racing Ford Mustang – Anatomy of a Race Car What a great year of racing I have had in the eBay Motors #50 Mustang – but when it comes to this very fast race car all is not what it appears. It may have started life as a production […]


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