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2014 BMW i3 at 2013 LA Auto Show
28 Nov

2014 BMW i3 Snags Green Car Nomination

The new BMW i3 is the boldest model to come out of the BMW brand in quite some time now. Green Car Reports is praising this new model and has even put it on its short list of their Best Car to Buy as a nominee amongst 2014 models. Why the Love From Green Car […]


2014 Panamera S e-Hybrid diagram
18 Jun

Guide to Buying Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Cars

Many car buyers are at least considering the purchase of a “greener” car as their daily driver. The idea behind environmentally friendly driving continues to grow, as more plug-in hybrid and electric cars appear in dealer showrooms. But range anxiety invariably edges into your subconscious. Can I make my daily commute by going all-electric? Or […]


Toyota Prius C
22 Apr

Our Top Five Favorite Hybrids for Earth Day

It’s been more than 40 years since the first Earth Day. In that time, hybrid and electric car technology has been transformed from Buck Rogers fantasy to an everyday reality. Back in the day, driving a fuel-sipping car forced eco-minded motorists to settle on a stripped-down sluggish econobox. Today, there are more than available 40 […]


2013 VW Jetta Hybrid
20 Mar

Review: 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

Likes: Fuel-sipping economy in the mid-40s Strong low-end torque good for off-the-line and passing moves Euro-styling and even better road manners Fender audio system that rawks Rear seats that fold down and allow extension of trunk space Dislikes: Sensitive brakes makes it almost impossible to brake smoothly Raspy-sounding engine and un-linear torque curve Statistics from […]


toyota prius
09 Nov

eBay Finders: Cars Kids Love

When you window-shop among the digital aisles in eBay Motors for your next family car, you will undoubtedly be first and foremost considering safety. Rest assured that all of the vehicles listed in this collection score very well in that category. They also have won giggles and applause from youngsters and teens during both short […]


honda civic hybrid integrated motor assist
12 Oct

Engines 101 — Hybrids and Electrics

Most of us drive gasoline- or diesel-powered cars, but we can’t ignore the ever-growing number of hybrid- and electric-powered cars on the roads. eBay Motors is your source for purchasing and equipping your alternative-energy vehicles. Gas/electric hybrids come in a couple different flavors — full and mild. Full hybrids can run solely on the gasoline […]


09 Oct

Diesel Cars Are Fun High-MPG Alternative to Hybrids

In the past decade, the gas-electric Toyota Prius has risen in status from science project to mainstream vehicle. In September, the 50-mpg hybrid was the eighth most popular car in the U.S., and the biggest gainer—more than doubling sales from a year ago. But for all the merits of hybrid technology—great fuel economy and low […]


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