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Red 1967 Chevrolet Impala with new wheels
04 Oct

Parts and Accessories on eBay Motors

eBay is the world’s largest parts warehouse/swap meet/garage sale with many sellers, rebuilders and manufacturers offering everything to keep your car on the road and looking good. In this part of the series, we’ll examine the different systems of your cars and highlight the newest and best parts and accessories on eBay Motors. We’ll also […]


26 Jul

eBay Listing: 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge

When the Plymouth Road Runner hit the streets in 1968, Pontiac was caught off-guard. Their GTO had started the muscle car movement, but here was Mopar, taking up a large part of the market with a low-priced low-option entry that was a real performer.


22 Jun

Green Driving: 1969 Classic Mini Cooper

The 2012 Mini Cooper with manual six-speed gearbox gets 29 miles per gallon in the city and 37 on the highway. That’s great mileage for a car that provides such a high quotient of fun and styling. Due to car’s small profile and light weight, its 121 horsepower provides plenty of oomph. The Mini’s legacy […]


24 May

eBay Listing: 1961 Chevrolet Parkwood wagon

Custom wagons are hot, especially when they have a generally stock appearance and sit low on painted steel rims. They’re just the thing to take the family to a car show, or haul a few buddies and a couple of surfboards out to the beach. And better yet, they’re simple to fix and rarely break. […]


04 May

1967 Chevrolet Biscayne 427

This Biscayne is a total Q-ship – a monster tri-power 427 in a plain white wrapper. It has 400 horses that they’ll never see coming at your local drag strip. Forget muscle car characteristic stripes and hood scoops — this car is perfect for racers who want to fly under the radar until the lights […]


30 Apr

1974 Ford Falcon XB Ute

This Australian Falcon XB looks like a cross between a Dodge Challenger and a Ford Ranchero from the early 1970s. Functionally, it’s a lot like an El Camino or Ranchero. But in Australia, performance-oriented Utes like this are coveted, and they’re ultra rare in this country. So if you’re looking to turn some heads while […]


05 Apr

1962 Oldsmobile Starfire

It’s pretty easy to find Impalas, Bel Airs, Galaxies, and Fairlanes at car shows and cruise-ins. But Oldsmobile Starfires? Not so much. Today they seem downright rare by comparison, even though 34,839 were sold in 1962. I like this Starfire for its original feel and great condition. It has just over 100,000 original miles and […]


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