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Opel Ampera
17 Jul

Top Ten Fuel Efficient Cars of 2012

Crowning the king of fuel-efficient cars used to be so much easier. But these days, cars that run on less energy often run partly or completely on electricity — which makes MPG a tricky term. After all, a pack of fully charged batteries doesn’t use gallons. As a result, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created […]


06 Jun

Our Top Five Favorite Hybrids

When hybrid cars first appeared on U.S. roads in late 1999, they were seen as a temporary experiment. It was, after all, the SUV era, so the funky teardrop design of the Honda Insight and awkward shape of the first-generation Prius received derision—if they were noticed at all.


01 Jun

Green Driving: 2000 Honda Insight

Despite what many think, the Toyota Prius isn’t the first or even most fuel-efficient hybrid to hit the American market. Those distinctions belong to the Honda Insight, which was released in December 1999, boasting a combined 53-mpg in fuel economy. Early-model Insights can be expected to get 49 mpg in the city according to the […]


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