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07 May

1962 Ford Econoline hot rod pickup

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This 1962 Ford Econoline is at a crossroads. It is enough of a project to justify a total restoration/customization, and solid enough as a project to patch up the weak spots and just cruise along. The truck is nearly rust free. The only evident cancer is at the bottom of the tailgate. Many additional images—for […]


25 Apr

2012 Think City

It’s wonderful, and sad, to see the Think City electric car show up on eBay. I had a blast driving the Think City for a week last summer for a review in the New York Times. The funky small EV — a full two feet longer than a Smart car — has body panels made […]


24 Apr

1957 Ford F-350 4×4

NAPCO four-wheel-drive truck conversions from the 1950s aren’t particularly common these days, but even less common is a NAPCO 1957 Ford F-350. If you’re looking for an interesting restoration project, this could be your truck. It’s an ex-fire company truck from Mount Lodge Fire Co in New York, according to the seller. Why is it […]


03 Apr

1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1

This ’73 Mach 1 Mustang looks a lot like the original “Gone in 60 Seconds” Eleanor – only with black Mach 1 side graphics that the original movie car didn’t have. Unlike the CGI-created GT500 jump at the end of the 2000 movie remake, the first Eleanor actually jumped a distance of 128 feet in […]


30 Mar

Last Day to Save 50% on a New Car!

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We don’t know about you, but we think the perfect way to end the week is by scoring a sweet deal on a new ride—like Jared Schaffer (shown here) did. He got his hands on the keys to a new Ford F150 through AutoNation Direct’s promotion on eBay Motors. Once he saw the listing, he […]


29 Mar

Your Chance to Save 50% on a New Car!

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What happens when you get the nation’s largest auto retailer and the world’s largest online marketplace together? A whopping 50% off the MSRP of select new cars! As part of its nationwide launch of AutoNation Direct, AutoNation announced it was selling 32 new vehicles from the likes of Ford, GM, and Nissan (four each day, […]


28 Mar

2001 Ford Crown Vic CNG Cop Car

This is one tough green car. Until 2010, it was used as a police detective car in Phoenix, Arizona. Complete with ramming bar and a “K9 Interceptor” badge, the seller says this full-size V8 full-frame rear-wheel-drive four-door sedan is built for “severe duty.” The seller promises that while cruising down the highway, you will watch […]


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