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01 Jun

Green Driving: 2000 Honda Insight

Despite what many think, the Toyota Prius isn’t the first or even most fuel-efficient hybrid to hit the American market. Those distinctions belong to the Honda Insight, which was released in December 1999, boasting a combined 53-mpg in fuel economy. Early-model Insights can be expected to get 49 mpg in the city according to the […]


02 Aug

Classics by Decade: Which Cars Were the Best Investments

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Hindsight is a force of evil that no one can escape. If you had only known how much those Babe Ruth baseball cards were going to be worth, you never would have let your mother chuck them out with the rest of your childhood junk. The same goes for cars. Over the decades, certain cars […]


31 Mar

1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55

Tired of the leather seats, cupholders, and automatic everything in your Suburban or Expedition? Want something built in the era when trucks were built to be tough rather than plush? This Land Cruiser has a manual transmission, manual hubs, and manual windows. It fits the bill perfectly. Search for “Land Cruiser” eBay Motors on any […]


29 Nov

1954 Volkswagen Beetle

The key identifying feature of the long-running and largely-unchanged VW Beetle is the rear window. Pre-1953 cars are identified by a split window, 1953-1957 cars have an oval-shaped window, and post-1957 cars (referred to as “classic Beetles,” and the overwhelming majority of surviving Bugs seen on the street) have a rectangular window. The oldest Beetle […]


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