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DIY iPad install
09 Jan

How to Install an iPad in Your Car [video]

Mighty Car Mods DIY: How to Install an iPad in Your Car The popularity of the iPad and now the iPad Mini seems to be growing by the day. In a short period of time, the iPad has become a standard-bearer, much like the iPod and iPhone before it. This popularity has led automakers to […]


WFCS2.24 Night Vision Driving in Audi
19 Dec

World’s Fastest Car Show, Night Vision Driving

WFCS 2.24 – Night Vision Driving in an Audi In my racing career I have done a lot of fun crazy things, but none like this one! When my producer suggested it I thought he was joking, but next thing I knew I was hurtling around a race track fixated on a three inch screen […]


Chevy MyLink Siri
10 Dec

Review: Chevrolet MyLink

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Those of you who are familiar with shopping for a new car know about the expensive infotainment and navigation systems that come as optional equipment. These fancy, high-tech electronic systems are nice to have, are fully integrated with the dashboard, and ergonomically getting better with each iteration. The flip-side is that most factory-installed navigation systems […]


16 Sep

What To Look For In A Car Stereo

Whether you’re rockin’ to the great Jimi Hendrix, bumpin’ to R&B icon Usher, tapping your foot to the melodic Grover Washington Jr., or simply unwinding with Wagner, your car stereo system is a big part of your driving experience, allowing instant connectivity to all your favorite music. Shopping for a new car stereo on eBay […]


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