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predator motorcycle helmet
06 May

Don’t Mess With a Predator on a Motorcycle

Motorcyclists get the lion’s share of attention on asphalt: drivers confined to their hybrids, small sedans, and kid-toting SUVs look on at the two-wheel riders with emotions ranging from apprehension to disdain to downright envy. Let’s face it, what these bikers don’t need is more notoriety. But that’s exactly what motorcyclists get when wearing Predator […]


Gulf-Datsun Fairlady 1600
04 May

Shokuji J-Tin Historic Japanese Car Show – Part 1

Nostalgia can be a very powerful emotion. That’s why older mainstream Japanese cars, which at their time were considered reliable and frugal but not really exciting, are gaining a growing number of followers. On a beautiful sunny spring day we got an eyeful of vintage Japanese cars as we waded through rows and rows of […]


1991 Alfa Romeo 164 Electric
03 May

Classic 1991 Alfa Romeo 164, Converted to Electric

eBay Listing: 1991 Alfa Romeo 164 The Alfa Romeo 164 was styled at Pininfarina, the famed Italian car design firm. It was unveiled at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show, as the last car offered before Alfa Romeo was purchased by Fiat. Alfa was well known as a sports car brand. The 164 was the company’s […]


jet powered junior dragster
03 May

World’s First Jet Powered Junior Dragster

eBay Listing: Jet Powered Junior Jr Dragster, Boeing Gas Turbine Engine Using jet engines to power cars is not new. Unknown to the general public, Chrysler quietly developed a jet powered car in the 1960′s. Also, the Batmobile was propelled by a jet turbine engine (in theory). How many land speed record attempts were tested […]


1976 Datsun 280Z project car
02 May

Project Car: 1976 Datsun 280Z

One day while perusing Facebook and the Nissan Performance page, we spotted a photo of a super clean silver Datsun Z in the Project: 370Z Challenger Gallery. Something about the photo just drew us in and we were obsessed to find the true story behind this shiny Z. With a few email exchanges and lots […]


Rutledge Wood and Adam Carolla | Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach
02 May

2013 Toyota Long Beach Celebrity Race

As a part of the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix each year, they run a celebrity race, with the prize money going to charity. There’s a celebrity group of over a dozen drivers, and then there’s a smaller pro class for people that have racing experience. Last year, I ran in the celebrity group and […]


Motorcycle Superstore
01 May

eBay Motors Welcomes Motorcycle Superstore!

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to suit up for a new riding season!  What better place to grab your new gear than buying direct from one of eBay Motors’ newest sellers, Motorcycle Superstore?  Head on over to Motorcycle Superstore’s storefront to find the latest motorcycle and powersports gear, apparel, parts and accessories […]


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