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Nissan GT-R NISMO, 2013 LA Auto Show
27 Dec

Nissan at 2013 LA Auto Show [video]

Big news at the LA Auto Show this year is the new version of Nissan’s godzilla GT-R which promises to surpass the performance of million dollar rides at a fraction of the cost. Weighing at 591 hp, 481 lb-ft torque, and able to eat up Nürburgring at a record setting pace of 7 minutes, 8 […]


2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport
26 Dec

Review: 2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport – American Spirit Lives On

Likes: Smooth, effortless power Comfortable ride, solid feel Quiet interior Loaded with features and technology Dislikes: Lacks the sporty handling of the Cadillac ATS or CTS Plain exterior styling Potentially confusing tech features Cadillac has long had a large sedan as its flagship, all the way back to classic Fleetwood Broughams and Sedan DeVilles. Today’s […]


michael mauer, porsche macan la auto show
26 Dec

Porsche at LA Auto Show [video]

The Porsche Macan was the talk of the town at the 2013 LA Auto Show. Originally teased back in 2012 as Porsche’s attempt to blend its renowned sports car performance with a compact crossover sports utility vehicle (SUV) base, the Macan – named for the Indonesian word for ‘tiger’ – has the chops to compete […]


different by design oddball cars
25 Dec

eBay Collection: Different by Design

eBay Collection: Different by Design – My Favorite Oddball Cars I’ll admit it. I love odd cars: the weirder, the better. Who couldn’t fall for adorable Guido, the Isetta forklift in the movie, “Cars”? Or how about Strip “The King” Weathers: the 1970 Plymouth Superbird? Richard Petty, who was Strip’s voice in the movie, drove […]


25 Dec

Merry Christmas from eBay Motors!

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We want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas from all of us here at eBay Motors!


1954 mercedes-benz w196r
24 Dec

It’s Been an Expensive Year for Car Collectors

Recently, record setting auto sales have been making headlines for their jaw dropping revenue. People bid like they’ve never bid before throughout the course of this year and sales of collectible automobiles in the United States are expected to top 1.2 billion dollars, marking a new all-time high. This bid total is up 25% from […]


1968 gmc suburban amityville horror story
23 Dec

Buy Your Piece of the Amityville Horror Collection

eBay Listing: 1968 GMC Suburban The Amityville Horror story was supposedly based on a true story, but was admittedly a hoax. Not a hoax is this ’68 GMC Suburban used in the 2005 remake of “The Amityville Horror” starring Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. The fictitious Lutz Construction Company decals still adorn this vehicle, though […]


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