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08 Mar

New Car Sale – Vote, Click, Win

eBay Motors Audience Vote on Inventory, Watch Prices Plummet

From March 8th to 11th you have the opportunity to weigh-in with your vote in a head-to-head matchup for selecting the four vehicles that will be featured in our latest new car sale, March 14 – 17. Brand new luxury cars will be up for sale on eBay Motors in the same fashion as our previous new car sale last October. Basically, prices for each new luxury car chosen for the sale drops $500 every hour until sold!

More About the New Car Sale
eBay Motors Drop, Drop, & Shop New Car Sale event gives you a chance to buy four deeply discounted luxury vehicles. Each day from March 14 to March 17, a brand new car from Patrick Dealer Group will be up for sale on eBay Motors. The prices drop every hour until sold. You can find deals on new sports sedans, SUVs and more. Plus, free shipping is available within the continental US. It’s the ultimate new car deal, so make sure you check it out.

How Does it Work?
This event is a unique sales experience that starts with you choosing the luxury vehicles to be used in the new car sale determined by popular vote. Starting on March 14, each day will start the sale of a new car that was chosen during the voting period with the price dropping $500 every hour until a buyer finds the price to enticing to pass up.

Upon clicking “Buy It Now” on the eBay Motors listing page, you will immediately be required to submit a $500 deposit via PayPal to secure your purchase.

[UPDATE MAR 11, 2013, 11:30 PDT]

We sincerely apologize for those who got an error submitting their vote. We realize it wasn’t the best experience and will do better next we post up a poll.

But not everyone got an error and we have the results. Now that voting is closed for the first three polls, we have two clear winners and one tie. The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and Volvo S60 are the chosen favorites for the new car sale.

The tie between the Jaguar XF and BMW 328i will be determined on our Facebook page. Visit https://www.facebook.com/ebaymotors to vote on either the Jaguar XF or BMW 328i.

Vote for Your Favorite Car to be Sold in the New Car Sale

jaguar bmw1 New Car Sale   Vote, Click, Win
Photo Credit: Jaguar USA / eBay Motors

Poll ends at 12am PST 3/9

lr2 evoque New Car Sale   Vote, Click, Win
Photo Credits: Land Rover

Poll ends at 12am PST 3/10

genesis S601 New Car Sale   Vote, Click, Win
Photo Credit: Hyundai USA / Volvo USA

Poll ends at 12am PST 3/11

miniblank cadillac copy New Car Sale   Vote, Click, Win
Photo Credit: Mini USA / eBay Motors

Poll ends at 12am PST 3/12

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FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States provided by uShip
Insurance services provided by Geico
Need financing? Call Patrick Dealer Group at 847-908-1324

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  1. Susan Kornblut says:

    Every time I try to vote on these I get an error message.I am using a mac with google chrome as the browser.

  2. Darren says:

    You are not alone, i use Microsoft and i too have error message

  3. Victor says:

    I keep getting errors when I try to vote in Safari on my iPhone. Frustrating…

  4. eBay Motors says:

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Our polling software is sensitive to some weird intermittent problem that we haven’t been able to isolate. If you try again later, sometimes it works without any errors.

    Sorry for the frustrating experience.

  5. Mario says:

    Still having the error shoe up.

    Anybody planning on fixing it?

  6. Big Guy says:

    Kinda doesn’t make sense to leave something up for voting when you CANT VOTE!!!!!!

    Someone needs to shoot the programmer in the foot to motivate him to FIX IT!!!

  7. The Boss says:

    So…..how bout them Blackhawks?

    Can we got on fixing this or what? Doesn’t make sense to have a clock running down when there’s nothing to vote on.

  8. Lixlamc says:

    Is not working in my ipad, Bad¡!

  9. Talbert McMullin says:

    Still cannot vote. I give up.

  10. iheartnikes says:

    this crap wont let me vote an error message keeps popping out. Ebay you need to fix your fucking promotions whats the point for the audience to vote if your shitt doesnt work!!!!!

  11. Bryan says:

    Voting still not working….

  12. Joe says:

    Hello eBay… The voting function is still not working… please confirm.

  13. eBay Motors says:

    We have a tie with Jaguar & BMW and will be doing a tie-breaker poll on Facebook tonight Click here to check it out to cast your vote if you missed out on this on Friday. https://www.facebook.com/ebaymotors

  14. Dr.k says:

    I’ve NEVER gotten to vote one single time, let alone have the chance to purchase anyone of these vehicles offered. I keep getting the same error message and to “try” again….maybe this would be a possibility if all I did all day long was stay online continuously trying to VOTE and hope for any chance at buying ANY of these vehicles offered. I am a dr., and yes I could have gone the corporate route, or even dr.,s beyond borders, but instead I provide my services to those Americans who have NO insurance, no money, and I’m still driving my 1996 car that has more than 200k miles on it. So no, I never sold out, I just wanted a chance at buying a new car like any hardworking honest person. Happiness to those that have won though,whoknows maybe next year others like myself will find some luck too….:-)

    • eBay Motors says:

      Hi Dr. K,

      Thanks for your note. We had some challenges with that, however you will get the chance to buy starting Thursday as prices drop, stay tuned!

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