Gas Monkey Garage eBay car #1 1972 ford mustang convertible
22 Jul

Gas Monkey Garage 1st eBay Car: 1972 Mustang Convertible

We recently acquired a 1972 Ford Mustang Convertible 302 V8 that’s begging for the Gas Monkey touch. It’s not in bad condition by any means, but it could definitely use a little TLC.

Gas Monkey Garage eBay car #1 1972 ford mustang convertible

The Mustang is showing 26,754 miles and is a medium yellow gold with a white convertible top and white interior. In 1972, only 6,121 Mustang Convertibles were produced, so the one we have is relatively rare. To own a 1972 Mustang Convertible was to own the freedom that came from open air motoring whether cruising the interstate or Historic Route 66. And with the Oil Embargo right around the corner, 1972 was the next to last year for the first generation Mustang (which had grown in size & weight each year since its introduction in 1965).

Gas Monkey Garage eBay car #1 1972 ford mustang convertible

The convertible top is torn and there’s a problem with the electrical wiring, so the blinkers and gauge lights don’t work. The Mustang could also benefit from a new set of wheels and tires. After we’re done with it, this Mustang will be restored to its natural beauty.

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  1. | July 28, 2014
  1. Terry says:

    Awesome car!!!!

  2. Jeffrey Brigman says:

    Very cool car, low mileage a big plus. Also really like the fact that it a Mustang from my birth year. Can’t wait to see it when you’re done “Monkeying” with it!

  3. Glad to see a big Mustang getting some love….used to own a 73′ Grande’ myself ;-)

  4. Mary Valentin says:

    Nice! I even like the color :)

  5. Jim says:

    This car has been repainted and from the looks of it it has way more mileage on it than shown. The odometer has most likely rolled over.

    Still it’s not a bad car for the right price.

  6. stuart says:

    Cant wait too see this on our uk tv guys, looks like a good rare find.

  7. eBay Motors says:

    Great choice! We love Mustangs here at eBay, especially with given that was the car most sold in 2012.

    • Roger Creasy says:

      The first car I drove was my Moms Baby Blue 72′ Mustang, what stories that car could tell. Blew the engine and as soon has it was repaired I smoked the tires! Wona few street races. Raised alot of hell in that Stang. One of my favorite cars of all time for sure. Ah the good ol days…..

  8. Amanda small says:

    I love mustangs, they are my favorite car. I wish I could get this one. That would be the perfect fist car to have. Love you guys watching you tonight on discovery channel.

  9. Bj Adams says:

    Heck I like it as is, but what car can’t benefit from the gas monkey garage touch.

  10. I have a Glass rear window for that car, if you need it.

  11. Brian Gough says:

    I can’t wait to see it… I’ve got a 73 convertible

  12. Cary Cummings says:

    That is a great car,Mustangs are my all time favorite

  13. Al Ellis says:

    Keep the Magnum wheels. Just get a larger size. They look awesome on the car.

  14. Looks like a solid start. I would suggest a black top to match the stripe and wheels… the white is kinda stark. Or switch to white paint and make it a “cookies-and-creme” theme all around…

  15. Chuck says:

    The color is perfect to make the car look less bulky than it is. The stripe is attractive as well as the wheels so change them at your own risk. A white interior insists that you retain the white top (and black is a no-no in Texas because of the heat). I hate the ridiculous rear spoiler because it makes the car look cheap. I’d add a Shelby rear spoiler and tail lights. Might as well give it a 428 or 429 while you’re at it! :)

  16. Flare the arches, lowered with nice big and wide wheels, make it look like a racer, I’ll bid on it if you do ;-)

  17. Rob Ferns says:

    Two of my friends had hard top versions of this car back in high school in the 80′s, I had a couple great summers in them, Mustangs are chick magnets!!!

  18. Edgardo Domínguez says:

    hola, soy de Uruguay, Sudamerica, y me gusta mucho el programa de tv de Gas Monkey. me gustaría mucho poder comprar un mustang y traerlo a mi pais.

  19. Laura says:

    I own a 1972 mustang 2. I love the car so much! But I could never get the thing running right. It would be my dream to get it running or buy another one like it!

  20. wilco says:

    dag jullie doen mooi werk netjes heb zelf een dodge w200 . i’m love it !!

  21. 73Mach1 says:

    The spoiler is mounted backwards. Should be an easy fix…

  22. Bill says:

    could be a great car, not enough of this year being restored. should turn that rear spoiler around, it’s on backwards.

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