1974 AMC Gremlin | Gas Monkey Garage
27 Dec

Gas Monkey Garage: 1974 AMC Gremlin V8 Selling on eBay

eBay Listing: 1974 AMC Gremlin V8

We finally got that little body buffed out to a shine. That took our detail guy 3-4 days to do, but it really brought that original paint job back from the dead.

1974 AMC Gremlin | Gas Monkey Garage

1974 AMC Gremlin | Gas Monkey Garage

We also got under the hood, rebuilt the carb, replaced the plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor and points.

1974 AMC Gremlin | Gas Monkey Garage

1974 AMC Gremlin | Gas Monkey Garage

It also got a new ignition module, battery cables and a battery

1974 AMC Gremlin | Gas Monkey Garage

1974 AMC Gremlin | Gas Monkey Garage

We also replaced the upper and lower ball joints.

1974 AMC Gremlin | Gas Monkey Garage

1974 AMC Gremlin | Gas Monkey Garage

It’s now on eBay ready for the next owner to make it their own. Bid now before the auction closes on Tuesday, Dec 31, 2013 10:15:00 (PST): 1974 AMC Gremlin V8

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  1. Frank says:

    Only one thing to said GREMLIN…..What where you guys thinking it was BAD then still BAD now….

  2. David says:

    I had a 73, that was handed down to me. I had ridiculous/stupid fun with that car. Although mine was a 6, there was a V8 version around town that would regularly beat up on the local talent.

  3. salyer454 says:

    You can put Lipstick on a Pig it’s still a Pig…You can Polish a Turd and it’s still a Turd.

    • john c says:

      opinions are like a holes we all have them and some stink don’t knock it till you try it… I had two, one was a V8 and insanely fun!! no overdrive, no passing gear, no 4 barrel, didn’t need ‘em just press the gas pedal, wish I had them now $$$$$

  4. gary says:

    the coolest one of these I have ever seen and road in was a guy tubed the back end had just enough between the tires for diff housing a hemi with a big blower setting on top not the hemi,s of today but the true old hemi it was the sickest thing you ever saw and fast as hell it was a great ride

  5. Tony says:

    I had the V-8 Levi addition. What a Blast. Took years to kill it.

  6. van says:

    I’ll give you a crisp new $5.00 bill for it…lmfao!!!! But you have to paint it primer gray first…

  7. Jim says:

    Like the one I used to sleep in every morning while the boss drove from the country to Big D.

  8. Michael Troy Close says:

    Badass ride anyone that don’t think so is a player hater. I build hotrods myself and seen some things I would like to see the rides the people say bad things about this they probably got a pinto lol. Rock on gas monkey

  9. Wendy Wintersgill says:

    At least today you have a cell phone to call for a ride when it breaks down.

  10. Frank B. says:

    At least it’s not a Pacer

  11. Xavier says:

    how much do you want for it?

  12. Ken says:

    I like it. Needed to get some of the original AMC Rally wheels RR. Could have got 7 or 8 on that car with those,..maybe if you could find some?

  13. David says:

    The hatred thing against AMC cars (they were -very- successful with Jeep and AM General, whose histories are typically ignored by mainsteamist half-wits) is not really about the cars; it’s about a certain percentage of people who have a mental illness which causes them to enjoy hating another entity. A component of that mental illness is ‘delusion of grandeur’ whereas they think their favorite cars are impeccable or beyond reproach. eg: Mercedes, Lexus etc. Truth is, there is no perfect car; a perfect car would run forever, flawlessly. Fact is, AMC scooped the industry with their well engineered and safe lowest price car (five years in a row) -and- offered the best warranty at that time making it -impossible- to purchase a lemon. Finally, when one compares Gremlin to it’s competition, it’s obvious the hatred conjured up by certain other people is a genuine mental illness, whereas the others seem almost bullied by doing so.

  14. Gene B. says:

    Great! So when are you guys going to chop and channel a Pacer?

  15. mike devine says:

    I have a 1973 mach I if you are interested in it

  16. Irene Rawson says:

    Did u sell this and if not how much?

  17. Irene Rawson says:

    My husbands 50th birthday is coming up and he would love his first car back, a metalic green gremlin with a hemi engine. Can u find one?

  18. mona says:

    My 74 gremlin was fast out of the hole;I know this because my dad raced a corvette with it at an intersection. (thanks DAD.)
    I remember taking a trip from carrollton tx. to odessa tx. on 1/2 a tank-round trip; no, I didn’t stop to fill up on the way.. Did you know that if you pushed on the bumper while filling it, you could put 26 gallons in one? (burping the tank)
    I also remember being able to do a doughnut on the suburban street in front of my house and that it could clear train tracks and very deeply rutted roads…
    I miss that car….

  19. Rayburn Racing says:

    need to know you still have it

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