Gas Monkey Garage
08 Jul

eBay Motors Welcomes Gas Monkey Garage

New to the crew of contributors at eBay Motors is the team of Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage. With their core enthusiasm for all things with motors and a fantastic eye for seeing the potential in vehicles found in any shape or form, the gang at Gas Monkey Garage is a perfect fit for the eBay Motors blog where we’re not afraid to showcase people who can stretch the boundaries of resourcefulness and customization.

Not familiar with Fast N’ Loud TV series on the Discovery Channel? In each episode of Fast N’ Loud, Rawlings and Kaufman search the far flung corners of Texas and surrounding states for forgotten and derelict classic cars to buy and restore at their Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas. They always have at least one big build project at their garage — and now they will feature a build project here on the eBay Motors blog.

When asked about bringing projects forward on our blog, Richard responded with the following:

“We’re really excited to work with eBay on this project because without eBay, the work we do would be damn near impossible. We’ve been using eBay for years to source parts for the cars we restore, and now we’ll be able to tell the story of each of our projects from beginning to end on the eBay Motors blog.”

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  1. Richard, Watch your show over & over. I’m a 100% disabled Combat Vet from Vietnam, I was wounded 2 times, I sent all my money home ,no place to spend it in the JUNGLE! I bought a 1968 Chevy Nova with a 327 possi rear end 4 speed Muncie Trans 4 barrel Holley, SS Tach was on the hood! WISH I had kept that car! I’m LOOKING for one CLOSE to it!If you could help me in ANY way This VET would be at more PEACE! I suffer PTSD serverly and isolate to myself! I’m 65 and time is flying by fast & Loud with my hearing aids in! LOVE YOUR SHOW & YOUR WORK! Brings back so many GOOD memories!

  2. Bill D. says:

    I hope ebay makes Richard stop saying “Interweb”

  3. jonny says:

    hi guys love your show,,, all the way from Ireland keep her lit

  4. Richard says:

    How bout doing something to Our 1971 FJ40 has a built 400 with a Turbo 400 behind it! Had back surgery and may never be able to get into it again.

    • Hey, Richard. Send some photos and details to and we can have the team take a look at it. Thanks!

      • Richard Chaboya says:

        Hey brother so sorry just got my back operated on with two and half long screws with rods and other crap in there. But hey brother I can dance with my wife again. :-) our 71Fj 40 is still here with that mean 400 engine and turbo 400 behind it sure want to drive this so bad but its to hard to get in it. I would love to see you guys finish this bad boy up! It puts tears in my eyes thinking of selling it. But I love what you guys do! As I’m a mech a neck for well over 30 years and now I think the time has come to leave my Boxes here at home. I will get my Birthday shirt on that our other brother flew down from Washington to give me. I’m looking at getting a Gold Wing trike with the funds that I get from the sale of our FJ40 that your going to buy from us! Down here in wonderful Tucson, Az. We love you man keep it up and Never Look Back!!!:-) Remember you guys are Loved!! Ps I can wait till you see me face to face:-) got a Mirror haha

  5. Scott Morrison says:

    Richard, I would like to say I love the show and the fact of when you and your crew keep a car to the original paint and just simple clear coat it. It has that awesome rat-rod sleeper look. I have recently purchased a 1975 Oldsmobile Delta88 convertible and have many plans with it, for now to drive it with my family. Keep the cool stuff flowing, I would love to have you guys find a car like mine and Gas-Monkey Style it.

  6. TexasTony says:

    Love the show…..keep slammin’em & makin’em fast…………

  7. Brandon says:

    Gas Monkey RULES! Love the show and the cars man! I would love to do what you do. I’m a mustang fan but, I would love for y’all to build a 50′s Mercury. Keep it up man and proud for y’all!

  8. Dan says:

    Love this show, The guys are original average guys and they they do cool builds. Some of these are shows are just pimpin cars and ruining them. I like what they do to the cars 95% of the time. Keep this show goin!

  9. Vern Patterson says:

    Love the show, looking forward too the new additions

  10. Sandy Sorensen says:

    You guys the are the real deal! Who’s married? Who’s not? We need to do contest of sort of sorts so l can win a v neck tee!! And Richard, you say interweb if you want to! xo

  11. Javier says:

    Love there show. Keep up the good work.

  12. Jesus S. says:

    Love the show, my daughter and I watch it all the time. She’s an Old Cadillacs fan and I love lowriders. We record episodes so we can watch them over and over, you guy’s do a great job and you keep it real. Keep dropping those rides to the floor..

  13. Jeff Wolford says:

    Love the show Richard its the best Man show ever… I know I write this alot on some of ur walls but would love for u to build a 1962-63 Chevy Impala Bel-air wagon those rides r awsome I hade a 63 bel-air wagon 63-2door hardtop Impala 62-4door hardtop impala n i kick myself every day for selling them… Keep up the awsome builds ur show rocks

  14. Bobby Ward says:

    My uncle has a old 1970 model Ford Mercury Comet that he would probably sell you if your interested in anything like that. Its in rough shape. It was his first car. Love your show I never miss a episode.

  15. Dennis not so deep pockets says:

    Watch your show every week , I have a 67 Chevelle SS 396 4 speed that would be great for your shop. Was taken down to the frame started to be put back together and never was , too many new parts too list ,quarters , floors , trunk all new and installed , original SS 138 vin , 40k original miles I can email pics if you are interested.


  16. Dallaspolo says:

    Love the show….. Been a car buff for over 50 years from the Mopars to the Ford and Chevys. I have a lot of old car parts laying around if you ever needing anything special Or if you looking for something I should be able to tell you where that part is. Miss the days when I use to cruise Forest Lane in a 69 Charger Daytona or a 70 Hemi Charger. You should attend when they have the reunions.

  17. Heather Frey says:

    I really love the show i love old cars my mom and dad has 2 1957 one a conv all redone and the only is a hard top which needs to be finshed My dad and i want to find a 1955 or 1956 mercury to fix up

  18. Bryan W says:

    Avid watcher, Aaron still working on the cars or just dictating ?

  19. Jeff Wolford says:

    thanxs for taking the time to get back too me is it a wagon or sadan? I use to demo derby the 73-76 wagons 2n4 doors they were damn tuff cars impalas n caprices the 4door hardtop caprice was allmost tuffer than the wagons miss those days

  20. My boyfriend has a 75 plymouth valaint with a little 225 in it an he had been watch your show ever since it has come it had alot of miles on it but it runs great i think he would love for u guys to add some horses an gas monkey. the damn thing. FAST&LOUD…. ..

  21. Chris says:

    I love the show, and respect what they do, but to be contributing to the blog, shouldn’t you at least be a Top Rated Seller, Power Seller or have 100% feedbacK? Just saying…

  22. john waldie says:

    Richard I started watching the show because of the cars .but now a fan of the team, your a cool dude man keep up the good work

  23. jason says:

    I got a guestion for richard im a big fan and love what yall do i do paint and body work and was wondering when yall clear over rust wont it keep rusting under the clear coat im mot bitching i love the way they look but was just wondering how that would work thaks man love the show and u can move me out ther to work for u lol my sons would love that

  24. daniel batista says:

    Me encanta este programa y soy un gran fan….estoy restaurando un celica del 76 y cada capitulo me da mas animo para ponerme con el gracias a richard y aaron k son una pasada me da mucho animo….a ver si por ebay puedo comprar sus productos que no he podido comprar por su web….un saludo

  25. eBay Motors says:

    Stay tuned, more to come!

  26. Monika says:

    Hallo Richard- love to watch your Show – it’s awesome what you all do with these beautiful old cars – have fun with all what you do!! Greetings ;-)

  27. Hi Richard, I am Giovanni from Italy, I always watch your program on television, fast loud, for me is fantastic,BADASS, your team is awesome. I am a lover of Hotrod, of musclecars, I have a 69 Dodge charger 383 General Lee. I am a lover of all things handmade as they once did, blood, sweat, AND BEERS I will come in November or December on vacation in the U.S. and would like to visit the Monkeys, get to know and who knows, maybe we could go into business, I’m creating Ratlamp, i use pieces of cars and motorcycles to create lamps and I would like to buy parts from you ..!
    If you want answer me in email:
    thanks for everything ..!

  28. Lance Logan says:

    Richard I really enjoy watching Fast & Loud it’s a really cool show, Richard I am letting you know about a car that I have for sale that you or may not be interested in
    I have a good1974 Coverlet Monte Carlo that is in absolute mint showroom condition, 55,000 actual miles, 350 V8 auto, factory ice cold air, am,8 track stereo
    PS PB Tilt, super nice shape, I do not want to sell this car to just anyone, But I know your love for cool cars and know that in your hands you would appreciate
    A real car like this one, It is a maroon exterior, white vinyl top in perfect condition, and burgundy red interior , Please contact me if you are interested in this
    Real jewel of a car. Thank You ! Lance Logan 10997 E 700TH Rd Martinsville, Illinois 62442

  29. brian mcclure phx az says:

    best show in tv hands down number one

  30. Richard & Aron love the show…it kinda reminds me of the old days of TV
    it has a Ozzie and Harriet../ Leave it to Beaver feel.. corny very American and funny as sh.t.. hey I hope you mix it up with that Bar your building their should be some funny stuff floating in and out of that place

    “Anywho” keep it going!!!

  31. Giovanni says:

    Hello : sono un meccanico italiano vedo spesso i vostri video siete interessanti.

  32. Ricky Caffee says:

    I have a 1967 Mustang would sell to you, let me know. Enjoy your show, thank you.

  33. daniel says:

    sou teu idolo richard

  34. Dwight says:

    I have a 1964 Cadillac Sedan Deville 4 window. i want to restore it for myself. What would you think the cost would be It runs engine 429 is great. It needs interior work I have most of the parts that would be needed to repair the body. Needs painting, Coach top, interior speedometer custer is cracked I have a replacement, door panels need to be redone as well as seats (looking to go to a green /white combination. I want the car painted back to it’s original color Green.
    How much would it cost me.

  35. Stevie says:

    Hay gas monkey you guys ,and the Chinese lady are the best I’m from the uk and love the show ,keep it up peace

  36. Tommy says:

    Hey Richard I was wondering if u can fix up my 2006 Toyota supra

  37. Rod says:

    Richard I have a 80 cj5 and it needs help, feel like doing a lil pro bono work, I want to get it fixed right, always told my mom I was and paint iy orange, I lost my mom in Dec, and have lost interest in every thing, being a disabled vet, and still getting no money from Gov. Obama is counting it now I bet before he puts it in his wallet, Tell all the guys I said whatsssssssssssss upppppppppppp. God Bless

  38. david mcwaters says:

    I love the show.I have a 2012 dodge ram1500 it looks real nice, what would it take to get GasMonkey decal on my hood and tail gate?

  39. Martin Williams says:

    Outstanding program, Richard, Aaron et al, look forward to it every week over here in UK.
    Quality cars such Aston Martins, RR’s, Ferraris etc have a brass plate under the bonnet with the name of the head mechanic who worked on it. When you guys do an all out job like the wonderful Bel-Air, the F40 or many others which in their final setup are more GMG than the original makers, why not do similar ?
    I would be influenced if I knew AK had been boss man on a rebuild I was considering buying.
    Keep up the great work.

  40. S Neli Patrick says:

    Richard loved yr show & all the cars that u & kauffman built I’m S.Neli Patrick all the way from India. Big fan of u both keep up the good work. May God bless both of u with lots of cars to work on & lots of green money in wallets to blow over lots & lots of cold beer. someday if I get the chance I would like to come visit your shop & maybe get myself an All American Muscle Car. But I guess I hav to study first so catch chu guys in the future.

  41. Floyd Bronson says:

    Hi Richerd saw your show a cuppel of times and you guys do grate work. I am a diabeled vet and i spent time in nam. After nam i started working in the flooring bisness for about 33 years. My body could not do it any more. So i filed for a non service connected pension and got it 4 mounts later.I now live in a small house in Beloit Wi. And drive a 88 dodge daytona 22 turbo witch needs body work and engin work.Would you help me with my car in any way posabel. Floyd Bronson PS I am willing to drive there and take a bus back that is all i could aford.

  42. Dan McNabb says:

    Like show , guys . Really gotten into the clear coating of old finishes. Oh , and Aaron I’m giving you a run for your $ with my 15″ goatee. ; )

  43. Dan McNabb says:

    I really like that ’50 Olds ROCKET 8. The year I was born.As a kid in Vegas, I met an 80 yr old man who drove for Ransom E.Olds in The Great Race in 1903 from Detroit to San Francisco. His last name was Carkey….

  44. harry cureton says:

    Just a shout out from the uk wish I could work at gas monkey must be the best job in world keep up the gd wrk richard and team.

  45. Roni Billups says:

    Hi Richard and all the guys, You all do a fantastic job on the cars and trucks. It is an wait for it moment to see the finished project!! Just love watching your show. Thanks for finally putting something on tv worth watching! Keep up the good work!! Loving your show in Kansas!!

  46. john ragland says:

    ive been watching you guys for a while and every now and then your out on your lot with a 49 or 50 olds 2 dr doing brodies. is that an 76 or 88 and is this one of your cars for sale?

  47. Brad Hunter says:

    To all the “Monkeys” past and present, GREAT JOB. We all know that Richard is the “old silverback” but A-Ron is the “Alpha” of the pack and keeps the jungle in order. I have been watching program from beginning, and I can’t remember if you guys have ever done (I don’t mean just flip)an older 64-68 GTO. My first car was a 65, dread ever selling it, and would love to get my hands on another, any help would be greatly appreciated, and would love to see what you guys would do with “The Goat” a true American classic, and gateway car to the MUSCLE CAR era. If you come across anything interesting please contact me. Love the C/10 build so far, Richard that is one hell of a donation for a bunch of Baron’s. Hope you and the Monkeys at least get a filet out of the deal……

  48. mike roberts and kristin says:

    Hi my name is mike and a friend that watches your show and told me you guys were looking for a limited edition 35 anniversary ford thunderbird sc with a 3.8 supercharger, if this is true I have one for sale

  49. victor says:

    Iae Richard meu nome é victor e sou do Brasil e queria saber se você tem algum chevy impala 1965 até 1967

  50. Mubti says:

    This is mubti from saudi arabia , i love your show and i enjoy it , thank you

  51. elie says:

    very nice show.elie from lebanon

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