06 Jun

eBay Motors Nissan GT-R® Fantasy Car Sweepstakes


Here at eBay Motors, community is important to us. In the automotive world, you can find diverse communities everywhere – import groups, domestic groups, track groups, show groups… We could go on all day, really. We figured, why not launch a large community at eBay Motors to help bring everyone together, making the search for parts easier as well inspiring other enthusiasts with what they can do to their own cars and motorcycles. This new home is the eBay Garage. At the Garage, you can effortlessly scan through other users who share your interests and look for the parts you need, all in one spot.

Now usually, when you move into a new home, you have some sort of housewarming party and everyone brings you gifts. We’re doing something different; we’re going to give you something to celebrate the opening of the eBay Garage. How does a brand new 2013 Nissan GT-R® sound?

Yes, you read that right, we’re going to hold a sweepstakes to give away one of the most iconic cars available today to one lucky winner. With its 545hp 3.8-liter twin turbocharged V6 and ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system, this beast leaps to 60mph in 2.7 seconds while covering the quarter mile in 10.8 seconds. We want to put that power in one lucky winner’s hands.

eBay Garage is hosting the sweepstakes from June 6th through July 4th, with daily drawings of $50 eBay gift cards to one winner each day. The grand prize winner of the 2013 GT-R® should be announced around July 22nd. You can join in the discussion of the new community and the sweepstakes on Twitter using #eBayGarage. Look for coverage of the Nissan GT-R® that we are giving away for the entire month of June at the eBay Garage.

For more information, see the official rules page for details.

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  1. Stephen Burgess says:

    Cool car

  2. brian eck says:

    I cant wait yes

    • scott finger says:

      Very cool car I miss when my car was set up now its ready for the junk yard has had . long life enjoyed it while it lasted

  3. Dan S says:

    This is awesome! best track day car ever. i would love to have this machine!

  4. Jim M says:

    Very understated lines for a car with this kind of power and speed, reminds me of the Skyline, one of my favorite cars ever…well done

    • ggt says:

      ThIs Is A Skyline!

      • Boytitan says:

        Nope its the r35 not part of the skyline lineup.

        • Chris says:

          Actually, you both are kinda right. Originally, a vehicle called the Skyline GT-R existed; this was a high level Skyline. The Skyline GT-R eventually broke off into two vehicles: the base Skyline is still around (G series in America) and the Skyline GT-R is now just the GT-R.

  5. Jason Franklin says:

    Wonder how much a year I’s need to spend on tires if I owned that beast.

    • Chris S says:

      b/c it is a skyline….. there was the R32, R33, R34. this is the R35

      • Q. Lam. says:

        Its a R35, but no where close to a Skyline, thats why they didnt call it a Skyline. It uses a Z chassis design, not the Skylines, a Z designed V6 motor, not the Skylines I6.

  6. Paul Wright says:

    nice ride

  7. Kelly Negron says:

    O.O how awesome would it be to have this car!! A dream come true.

  8. WALTER GREEN says:


  9. Waymon Henry says:

    I really Like ,Need and Want this Vehicle. We hope that I Win.

  10. Ronald Williams says:

    It’s a long way from the B210 … You’ve come a long way, baby … <3

  11. Engel says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the Skykine since Gran Turismobi would cry if I win this car !!!

  12. Kenya says:

    This is my dream car, I would make this baby has a home that will take care of her and give her all the best equipment needed to win at the track. I would love to own a GTR, ever since I can remember seeing my first Skyline GTR in 1992 I fell in love. In my honest opinion the GTR is best well built super sports car I’ve had the pleasure of watching evolved over the years, this very car remains one of the quickest cars of the line and can surpass many other super cars once modified to more than 600hp. Even at its stock state the GTR can be a mind blowing power house experience. The Japanese have secret in their designs of the GTR, they don’t say anything about how much power the GTR really can produce, if you do your homework you can have a very power 6 cylinder that make other super sports cars look stupid

    • Matthew k says:

      It’s really the gearing, no secret as to how they make this heavy car quick.

    • Kada says:

      I would sell it and buy a ZR1. No need to modify it to 600hp it comes that way stock. I know u know your car. Fell out of love with this car after the R34.

  13. jason says:

    How do you enter

  14. jason says:

    How do you enter the contest exactly

  15. Ryan says:

    If I ever hAd the money for this this would b the ride of my life no car comes together but a Nissan gtr r35 it’s priceless to own a car like this if you drive down the road you better believe people will stare down the car just because how cool and sporty looking it looks in motion very often do I see a gtr driving down the road my life would b more than complete if I had this under a cover in my garage

  16. Sanjeev Singh says:

    This car is Bad!

  17. Ebony says:

    No WAY. NO WAY!!! You’re giving a GTR??

  18. Danny says:

    Such a great car. I really, really want to win!

  19. Gregory says:

    This would be the greatest prize I could ever win. Been a fan of the skyline since I could say the word.

  20. Gregory says:

    What if you have already set up a profile for your vehicle and stuff what do you do?

  21. Richard says:

    Speechless because I can’t get the best words to describe it, I think it wud be a challenge for the gov’t stackers (Police)

  22. Gregory says:

    Alright I appreciate the response

  23. Gregory says:

    Thank you

  24. Kenneth Rowedder says:


  25. ANDREW B says:

    Would love to drive this to my NG Drill weekends and take my girl to the city in a brand new GT-R….DREAM CAR!

  26. Barbara Goble says:

    Love that car. I would drive it to Ark. Where i have to go for cancer treatment.Pray for me.May God Bless you all.

  27. Ben Nieves says:

    This would be a nice ride to win.

  28. Victor Segura says:

    Not sure if I got it right but I logged in to my eBay Motor app and clicked on the sweepstakes and entered my car’s information. Is that all you have to do? I didn’t even realize eBay Motors had that feature, it lets you fine parts much easier. If I enter my wifes car will that count as a second entry? I see you can enter up to 6 times per ID, so how do you do that? Thanks

  29. Cesar Q says:

    Hell yea!!! Waiting for this

  30. Victor Segura says:

    By the way I forgot to ask if theres a email confirmation or how do you know if you did it right? Thanks eBay! It would be my dream to own such an iconic car.

    • eBay Motors says:

      Hi Victor,

      No email confirmation needed. Simply setup your eBay Garage profile and you are good to go!

  31. Christian I says:

    When I get my degree in science,technology,math and engineering I will drive this to NASA, then build space ships to expand humanity..God Bless! :)

  32. John Tsois says:

    Love from the first sight!

  33. Rob says:

    my all time faverate car :)

    will have one, one day :)

  34. Harry Lucas says:


  35. Brandon Welch says:


  36. Chris says:

    Want to test It against my Fairlady :-)

  37. Chris says:

    I work as a salesman at Lithia Nissan here in medford OR and the GTR is my dream car I have a model for it, it’s my screen saver and I have been following Nissan and the GTR line since prince motor company. I absolutely love this car. <3

  38. Hag says:

    Perfect for my

  39. Reynaldo ochoa says:

    Yes, this car would be a great wedding gift for myself! Lol

  40. says:

    Vrooooom-Vrooooooom!!! As A Single Dad ThaT E-Baby-Baby Would Sure Get My Daughter To School On Time! :-P

  41. Alex says:


  42. Johnny says:

    That is the car of my dreams

  43. Chris Gatica says:


  44. jonathan oviedo says:

    Ey inauguración y a lo grande! absolutamente increíble, un regalo de esta magnitud! los felicito y de ante mano les auguro el mejor de los réditos en este nuevo proyecto! y declaro que este Nissan GT-R 2013 es mio!

  45. Dan Radonski says:

    We like it. It would become my wife’s car….what a waste, what a country.

  46. jay lee says:

    hell ya im a Nissan fan all day I got stuck with dsm ive been wanting for a new Nissan I like the 240sx with a sr20de-t engine

  47. danell says:

    WOW!!!! WHAT A CAR I WISH it was in my garage;)lol….

  48. Vasilis says:

    Perfect car!

  49. Roberto Rivera says:

    May I have it please?

  50. Glenn says:

    Wow! What I would do to own this car!

  51. Kokoulis19 says:

    My car (Citroen) is not listed at all in eBay Garage.
    What to do?

  52. Nick says:

    That car is so sweet….I would love to own a brand new car…never had that ever !!think of me please and thank you !

  53. 83TurboZX says:

    For Sale: House, Wife, and Kids
    Destination: As far as the gas in the tank will take me

    This is the ULTIMATE sports car!!!!

  54. Bill Zebrow says:

    This would be a fun car to drive. I had a 70 Pontiac Firebird with the 330 engine. Fun car. If less that 35 miles per hour, hit the go peddle and car would drop to 1st gear and light the tires. Easy to drive as I used the car to drive to work and got roughly 18 mpg with that HP.

    Having another car like that would be really great.

  55. George Escutia says:

    Damn i realy want that godzilla

  56. logan corso says:

    Let me get my keys

  57. Shunra35 says:

    Nice car

  58. Yassine Labib says:

    Love it !

  59. Rafael says:

    is the car of my dreams.

  60. SeanSC400 says:

    545HP…Oh my God!!! Luv it.

  61. joshua says:

    Oh my goodness, this car is my dream I’ve already told myself I’ll have one someday in my life. Ive followed this car since day 1 om October 24, 2007 when it was revealed, I have seen and read everything about this car. Cars don’t get better than this.

  62. Pedro Paulo says:

    I will drive it in Brazil.

  63. I could used a new car

  64. Perfect in everyday !

  65. Anwar says:

    Wow I like the car!!!!

  66. marvin chavez says:

    Oh man that’s my dream car it’s a really nice all the way around!!! That’s very nice of ebay to give away this nice car!!

  67. Laura says:

    Im not lucky enough to win but this car is beautiful.

  68. Shannon Castor says:

    I definitely need this car, I’ve never owned a car of my own before.

  69. Jimmy says:

    It would be so awesome to win this car! I set up the mobile app and listed my car and my bike and a picture of each, If I under stand the rules correctly do I have 2 entries so far and can receive more entries the more photos that I add?

  70. Jimmy says:

    It would be so awesome to win this car! I

  71. Jimmy says:

    set up the mobile app and listed my car and my bike and a picture of each, If I under stand the rules correctly do I have 2 entries so far and can receive more entries the more photos that I add?

  72. Simeon McCullough says:

    That looks so nice

  73. Fuad Algillidary says:

    Its a dream to own a super car like this one ….WAW :-) …. ebay is amazing

  74. Juan Carlos Toledo says:

    Nice for my

  75. Fuad Algillidary says:

    Waw what a prize

  76. Rudy Ramirez says:

    Badass car :)

  77. walter says:

    just love the GTR. WOW!

  78. Carole abdelnour says:


  79. Jerry says:

    AWESOME car…. would love to own one.

  80. Charlie Castillo, says:


  81. Matt says:

    The perfect car! Mine was totaled a year ago, There isn’t a day that goes by that I dont think about it.

  82. toltec says:

    “Put me behind the wheel of that btch I show you drivin”

  83. Nick says:

    Wow would sure love to own that hot rod never owned a new car

  84. frankyguy86 says:

    Can just be the winner of this cool car

  85. Juan A. del Rio says:

    What a dream car!. Love it.

  86. Anthony says:

    I think is very nice to give away a car but I think it’s not true.I also no eBay have a lot of people looking for things on that site and people should no some thing are not true.

  87. REBECCA McDaniel says:

    Sorry, but if I won this I would sell it. The car is cool but I’m struggling with everyday bills and the money would be iseful

  88. Wayne Jones says:

    love it love it love it

  89. Arkan says:


  90. Romeo says:

    Too bad it’s only for American residents :-( I don’t mind the steering wheel on the left hand side, I promise! :-P

  91. lezo says:

    One of my favorite “Brute” cars. Sure would like to win it.

  92. Chi Nguyen says:

    I have an Altima 3.5 SE V6 and I’m so unloved with it and its my first car also, it’s fast and fun, if I have that gtr ( one of my dream car )….I don’t know man!!!!

  93. mr faisal says:

    Can’t wait. .

  94. donna mullins sturgill says:

    Loved my 510′s had 2 of them one a wagon best cars I ever owned

  95. Baloo says:

    I’d drive it like I stole it!

  96. Dhan Bhandari says:

    I would like to have it, nice

  97. Tony Panno says:

    I have worked on these cars and have had a huge passion winced they arrived in 2009. I could use one myself.

  98. Uriah says:

    Best car on this earth!

  99. Doug says:

    Well, since my kids & I don’t have a car right now, this would definitely be a step up LOL

  100. Mary Beth Brown says:

    How cute!

  101. somlay phy says:

    so beautiful and interesting. I do love it. I hope I can drive it.

  102. jerome hussar says:

    I don’t even have a car, please let me win

  103. WASR says:

    This is my Dream Car! It would be pretty cool if I get this one!

  104. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Car of my dreams

  105. Jose Rodriguez says:

    This is the hotest ther is

  106. R L Eskew says:

    I sure could use some good luck

  107. freckd says:

    Ese carro sera mio o that car it will be mine

  108. Warren Messier says:

    Great Design, Styling, Overall Looks,Spectacular Performance. Would look great in our driveway. Wish me luck.

  109. aDaniel Sepulveda says:

    Sweet car! Id be nice to win this

  110. hesekiel says:

    haha haa. Stupied car in winter.

  111. Eddy says:

    Super Car Confortable,

  112. Mike Srutek says:

    Awesomeeeeee !!!! I absolutely have to drive it.

  113. Lakesha Stewart says:

    I name it and claim it that car is mine

    • eBay Motors says:

      Hi Lakesha,

      All you need is your eBay Garage profile to enter to win. Look forward to your entry and good luck!

  114. Rudolph Waters says:

    This car looks very nice! I can hardly wait to get my hands on it and say it’s mines. Please hurry and make the deliverly. OK?

  115. Ron says:

    Truly a dream car indeed. I’d do everything I can to make it proud of being Godzilla. The Z may get quite a bit jealous though. :( lol

  116. john pappas says:

    This is incredible. want this monster. ..i love it….

  117. Ramiro Burgos says:

    This beast of a GT-R would go great with my baby 350z. She needs some company when parked in the garage! Those two are a match made in heaven.

  118. Wellington says:

    This is my dream car!

  119. shenghao zou says:

    love this car

  120. Albert Deaf says:

    If i will winner for Nissan GT-R.. you can send is GT-R to Israel?

  121. Reuven heller says:

    Nice to win it.

  122. Hade shibli says:

    I want it

  123. Ed Manteufel says:

    What an honor and thrill it would be to win this car.

  124. Colleen McGinn Moffitt says:

    Hear my prayers dad need luck o the Irish

  125. Jamey Warren says:

    QX56 and this GTR puts me oh so close to that 1,000 HP I am looking for in my Garage :) dreaming…

  126. Jamey Warren says:

    QX56 and this GTR puts me oh so close to that 1,000 HP I am looking for in my Garage. dreaming…

  127. Saydul says:

    This would be the best birthday gift EVER, I’m turning 19 on Sunday June 9th…this car would be so cool and my friends would be so mad to see a sexy car by my side :p.

  128. Saydul says:

    This would be the best birthday present EVER! My birthday is on Sunday June 9th and it would be awesome to have this car and see my friends get mad because I have a sexy and beautiful car next to me :p.

  129. Phappuccino says:

    It’s too good to be true to give away this beast!!!!!

  130. Nikolay says:

    Он Мой!

  131. Roma says:

    В Украине ещё нету такого. Было бы чудненько такой иметь !

  132. Chad says:


  133. Peggy says:

    I want it!

  134. Maxim says:

    Best car…I want one…

  135. hossein says:

    oh…best car

  136. hossein says:

    I want it
    oh…I want it

  137. Stanley says:

    This is a very nice car.I’ll love to win this car.

  138. Alawi Alsadah says:

    I like this FANTASY CAR

  139. Hussain Alsadah says:

    Nice car

  140. Valerie Marie Perkins says:

    I dont have a car at all…plus being a single mother of 1 is hard,by asking people for transportatsion.I hope i win!!!!

  141. wendell williams says:

    I would love to have that, it’s a beauty!!!!!!

  142. crc says:

    (G)reatest (T)armac (R)ipper ever (GODS)(TOP)(RIDE)thanks for the chance ebay!

  143. bubble says:

    I want to win this car haw do i enter to win it?

  144. skylocs85 says:

    Why save gas, when u can tear asS!! Fresh ride.. love to own that beast!!

  145. Upin Ounkeo says:


  146. ismail patel says:


  147. Alex Bacter says:

    I will drive the beast till it can not even breath!

  148. juan avendaño says:

    good car. I would love to have that, it’s a beauty!

  149. Jon Cornell says:

    It will replace my gettyup go car

  150. Luciano says:

    Eu quero essa super máquina na minha garagem esse carro é tudo de bom, faria um sucesso na minha mão .

  151. Luciano says:

    eu gostaria de ter essa super máquina na minha garagem iria fazer um sucesso n minha mão, esse carro é tudo de bom , eu querooooo .

  152. Adam says:

    What a great opportunity, thanks eBay!!! I can’t wait, I love the GT-R!!! Is there a choice in color? Any color would be awesome but I like white the best anyway!

  153. Mike says:

    Would love to up it a 1000hp show car.

  154. Shame tha says:

    Tis is mines it’s got my name all over it

  155. Esteban says:

    nice car, nice dream!

  156. Helena says:

    I need so much!!!!!! Like a impossible dream!

  157. azmat says:

    what do you guys think if I get that car???

  158. y gidl says:

    it’s just what a humin man needs

  159. alvaro says:

    Cuandote toca aunque te quites. y cuando no te tocacaunque te pongas….suerte

  160. Cory Alford says:


  161. Kimberly says:

    This is my dream car!! I would never be late for class.

  162. Kenny H. says:

    There is a reason this car is nicknamed Godzilla! Love my cars like they’re my kids and would love this car to join the family.

  163. Abdul says:

    The winner is coming :(

  164. hanzmass says:

    don`nt worry fellow be happy its my ok!

  165. Mohammed Rizwan says:

    this is mu dreem car love it …..

  166. Mohammed Rizwan says:

    Great car really want to win ……….

  167. Brian R Würtz says:

    Damn nice ,its that car i whant in my garage .i cant have the mustang .this will be my next choice,,,aarrrggg nicccceeeeee

    • Caitlyn B. says:

      If you win this car…I will be seriously disappointed, because no one who would actually buy and race this car would ever consider owning a mustang…sad…

  168. Gary L Canterbury says:

    Can’t wait to put it on EBay!!

  169. This is my Dream Car.

  170. Vladimir says:

    I believe, I win this car

  171. Alex says:

    Would love to pull onto base and see my first sergents jaw drop at first formation hahaha would love to own this butiful machine and run it at my local strip

  172. Ernesto says:

    GTR is my dream car

  173. Brian N says:

    Hi, ebay. I have a question. Do you have to own the car for it to count as an entry?

  174. Jacob says:

    Remember. It is only free after you pay the taxes, title, transfer cost, emissions (if applicable), and tags. And that stuff won’t be cheap on a car like this. Then the insurance will slap you for having a 500hp 10 second car. I think I will steer clear of this one.

  175. Caitlyn B. says:

    A car like this should go to someone who knows how to own and drive a car like this. This car is for someone who grew up in a speed shop and dreams of owning a car like this one day and can but time and money into enhancing the performance , taking it to car shows and racing it. Someone like me….

  176. William says:

    does it come in black? ;)

  177. Rob says:

    DYING for this car…..

  178. chan-tang hsu says:

    thats my dream car !

  179. Jose says:

    I love car

  180. abedalleh says:

    Cool car

  181. BEVIN SAMWATA says:

    i will love to drive that vehicle

  182. jason thomas says:

    i have a 350z right now and 07, i bought it with 42k miles on it, one day i will get up to a GTR. either it will be when im 25 or when im 75…im getting one! i drive by a GTR in Raleigh dt every other weekend know the owner and i love his car…but mines better for now :P

  183. Autumn Daily says:

    People in Oklahoma wouldn’t know what to think if I showed up in one of these!

  184. Markku Vesala says:

    It would be nice to have this car, but I cannot believe, it would be true.

  185. Luis Ramos says:

    the best!

  186. Warren C Morgan says:

    I’ve followed the previous generations of this car since the 1990′s and was always fascinated by its capabilities. Once news of its coming to the United States, it definitely was the ultimate car to have(in my opinion). A TRUE DREAMCAR!

  187. Craig Williams says:

    Ive already decided i would donate my 2013 Scion FR-S to someone in need of a car, if I won this GT-R.

    • Mary Barley says:

      Craig if you win could you please donate your 2013 Scion FR-S to me cause I am in desperate need of a car. I don’t have one because my motor blew up and no money to fix it or buy another one. I have never been lucky at winning anything so I am not even entering this contest and I don’t have a vehicle to talk about either. Wish I did. Good luck though. Sure would be nice to get a car for free don’t know how I would act.

  188. MaryB says:

    What a great looking car. It would be a cool ride!

    • that mine i love the way this car look so ill be to pick it up some i feel real luck today can,t wait to ride in my new car hurry july 4 ill be here wait to ride,what a great looking ride

  189. Dolly kosow says:

    It’s really nice

  190. joan lanappe says:

    woderful and dream car love it/

  191. joan lanappe says:

    hope that once in life i will be the owner of a car thanks to life

  192. William Morton says:

    Man I would love to win this car god knows I need it, my car is getting old # fingers-crossed

  193. Sam P says:

    Would love to win this car. Thanks Ebay for a chance to win…

  194. Shane B says:

    Ultimate dream car. Godzilla is so awesome. It would be so funny to take off in that thing for the first time compared to the civic I’ve had for years. Thanks for this opportunity eBay!

  195. Olivares says:


  196. Sean says:

    I think it’s great that eBay is doing this, for all the hard working people out there it will be great for one lucky person to drive up to work in this car, hopefully me of course! I use eBay all the time for aftermarket parts for my 2008 Chevy cobalt Sport.

  197. Anthonythatguy says:

    My all time favorite car as you can tell by my profile pictures

  198. JebJeb565 says:

    Oh man, my dream car right there.. A $100 thousand dollar GTR can give any car on the track a run for it’s money. I would absolutely go bonkers over this!

  199. Omar Yanes says:

    That’s my favorite car I love it..

  200. Endri says:

    Benchmark of all upcoming super cars. Example of how it should be done

  201. Joe says:

    Look at this. eBay just killing it…….again!

  202. stephen contreras says:

    Gimme gimme gimme…..mine mine mine…

  203. Jose Luis says:

    me lo ganareee

  204. casey beacom says:

    How do you enter to win this beautiful piece of Japanese Art? Its look great sitting next to my nismo 370z!

  205. Pete says:

    This car would be a nice addition next to my 93 300zx! watch my movie where I had the great privilege to drive the GTR at the Altima Experience on the Nissan Proving Grounds last May –

    Godzilla is awesome

  206. Michael Matus says:

    White is cool !

  207. Michael Matus says:

    Nice !

  208. It’ll be a dream come true if I win the GT-R. Hopefully the judges like my Sentra and all the hard work I put into it! :)

  209. Abdul Nissan says:

    One day, one day I will have one god will

  210. joan tena says:

    Ive got the Roadster convertible automatic z .2013 a dream to see I cant imagine so nice to just imagine owning one.

  211. Just the Man for it says:

    I’m going to drive it from Cali to Florida…100 MPH!!!!! Oh Ya CannonBallRunnin

  212. In Jesus Name says:

    Taken it to church-SuperSonic

  213. cciic says:

    This car is very fun to drive (driven many of them). I’m a service writer at Nissan. I hope you have deep pockets for the maintenance, brakes, and tires…. Very expensive toy to maintain “If you play”… LOL

  214. Somaly Phy says:

    I will win this competition.

  215. Hector garza says:

    Cool car!!!! It’s mine! Lol! Wish it would be.

  216. Hector garza says:

    There can be only one!!!! It’s going in my garage!

  217. jim droz says:

    Je veux cette voiture , je n en ai pas pour le moment !

  218. Anthony Gonzalez says:

    It’s nice car

  219. kurt shelton says:

    Thats a nice ride….. i need it yo!

  220. Swiss says:

    Ah well an other Japanese MasterPiece the famous Nissan GT-R, succeder from the Legendary Nissan Skyline.

  221. Manuel says:

    I really wish to have one of those GTR nissan is my dream car i hope someday i will have that sweet ride

  222. Travis says:

    The GT-R is the car of my dreams. I’ve spent the last few years trying to help my wife realize her dreams, hopefully this one of mine could come true. My 2002 Altima has seen better days, and I would love a new car to start a new chapter of my life :)

  223. Jonathan O. Sigua says:

    Nothing to say..its all in the car

  224. bioflyff2010 says:

    Must have my dream car!!! I’d love it if it were a reality for me!

  225. 1981jamied says:

    Dream car! I couldn’t even imagine that beauty in my garage. I would probably sleep in it, in my garage, for the first month!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Marcia says:

    It screams power & speed!

  227. Walter says:

    My dream car!

  228. roy clayton says:

    dreams will come true

  229. Rich Smith says:

    I really need a new car……………………….Badly. I am 57 y/o and on disability. HELP!!!! THANK YOU

  230. Michelle T. says:

    It’ll never happen to me but thanks for hope. :)

  231. Bob W. says:

    EBay motors sure knows how to pick cars to give away. An SVT and now, THIS! DANG! Somebody knows their stuff @ EBM!

  232. Nick S. says:

    I think I’m gonna win it.

  233. one day it could be me God know I need it an will take care of it.

  234. who wouldn’t want one

  235. Hoff says:

    Estimated tax in Wisconsin is around $6,340.00 with 6.5% addition for every thousand over $100,000.00. Average starting price of this make, model, and year is $106,320.00. I think I can muster the tax and dealer prep. not sure if I will be able to afford the $85 registration fee after though but willing to try.

  236. I dream about this card every day

  237. Ekrin says:

    This is very nice of eBay, and they get even more promo and attention out of it. Win/Win for both parties. Though my only concern is the shipping… I know I wouldn’t dream of being able to afford the GT-R and it’s 545 Horses under the hood because I’m not that wealthy. As for the shipping… I wouldn’t be able to afford that either! Haha. I hope whoever wins this will be a responsible driver and won’t end up on one of those supercar crashes Youtube videos! :)

  238. Johnny B says:

    The GT-R is one of the sexiest cars ever made. Would love to own this.

  239. Sean W says:

    Why not for residents of Canada!??
    We have been using Ebay since its beginning.

  240. Dayne says:

    This would make a fantastic replacement for the 06 Evo MR i had to get rid of. Please eBay get me back into an Awesome ride!

  241. bird nasty says:

    bird nasty! let me hold this GTR son. :) . check out my newly set up ebay garage profile. click the link.

  242. John says:

    Now all I have to do is Dream Big to win !

  243. Ethan Law says:

    Thank you eBay Motors for providing us with this once in a lifetime opportunity. God Bless Ebay! Good luck to everyone out there and I do hope that I win it too as it will be my first ever car. Again, good luck everyone!

  244. Won Ah says:

    i second that! Thanks ebay! Whoever thought of this idea is magical! HAH! Thanks for the chance to win a skyline…its my dream car! Along with everyone elses I’m sure. Great way to kick off your new add on feature..ebay garage!

  245. DoG says:

    Hey! Are only Americans can win this car? a cant get it from rules.. Can tough russian guy get this tough car?

  246. fred bagley says:

    I need to win this sweet ride soooo badddd, please God just grant me this one wish, cuz I have not had many coming my way in quite awhile, So I;m do Big Guy, just this 1 small thing for me!!!!!

  247. Calvin says:

    please check out my vehicle so i can get some views for it. and ill happily do the same

    im really hoping to win this vehicle!

    • Derek Mau says:


      600,000 miles on a well-used Toyota truck is amazing. Thanks for sharing your story and we’re happy to hear that it was recovered after being stolen.

      Good luck with the sweepstakes. Upload more photos of your truck to create more entries into the sweepstakes (maximum 6 per day).

  248. Lance G says:

    I dream about owning one of these cars! But I never win anything so its all good. I have loved these cars since 1969. The skyline was awesome since the first year. I have always wanted a skyline until the GT_R got reviled. Then I just fell in love! Please pick me because the GT-R wants to sleep in my bed with me every night! LOL… I have always been a Nissan nut. Since my 300zx got totaled I have just been lost. Thank you Ebay for a great site and good luck picking a new owner..

  249. GT-R Ken says:

    Man if I win this I’ll can picture myself and my reaction; “congratulations you’ve won! ” me: uncontrollable cynical laugh.. Is it evil or happiness you ask… It is both.

  250. James Savage says:

    Check out my garage and pictures if you like one of mine ill like one of yours, free entries don’ hurt right? :)


  252. Allen Arze says:

    I want this car!!
    How do the every day giveaways work? I’ve been going on daily to my garage as mentioned to see if I won some thing? Can’t see anything. No mentioned of daily winnings.

  253. Long Nguyen says:

    What a beast. 0-60 in under 3 sec

  254. Alicia says:

    This car is a dream. I could never imagine owning such a car. Thanks eBay and good luck everyone. :)

  255. Corinne says:

    I really hope I win this car! I’ve always wanted one and it’d allow me to get back into road racing and autocrossing while having a fun car to drive normally wherever I need to go.
    Right now I daily drive a truck and after having my kiddo, it hasn’t made financial sense for me to buy one as a second car. But, I would love love love to have one. And, his car seat fits in the back. He rides in our R33 GT-R to car shows and knows to be very careful around cars. :) I’d love for him to see his mommy on the track, like I used to do before he came along. :D

  256. Melodie Garcia says:

    I really hope i win this car. I love the fast life its a passion me and my husband enjoy. where we live, we belong to a group of car enthusiasts that enjoy these types of cars. We love going to car shows and showing our RHD off. This car would complete our Group. RFCPerformance. (Ready For Competition…..) This is a car that we would love to show off. specially in our area. I hope we are the lucky winners. Ebay motors you are definitely the best….

    ps. yours still the best if I dont win…

  257. Austin Stone says:

    I would absolutely do anything in the universe to have one of these GT-Rs.. I have driven alot of different cars and have been in some of the fastest supercars and the GT-R you can not compare to any other car in the world!!..I only could hope I win the lottery so that I could buy GT-R..Imagine the women you could get in this

  258. Alex.M says:

    Nissan as a car is always good on the outside and inside. COOL, I need one!

  259. jay says:

    All of u are crazy…. Car shows a must…

  260. Scott W says:

    The Beast!!

  261. stephen contreras says:

    I want it now

  262. Khurram Raza says:

    Best super car to buy for the half of the cost.

  263. joey collins says:

    Sick r35 white n black…I’d love to have this sitting next to my camaro in the garage

  264. Kenneth says:

    Nice car, would love to own one.

  265. Mohammed says:

    This is my dream car

  266. brian gercar says:

    My new car. Will be parked next to my Z

  267. ALI VANN says:

    I desire this car very greatly .

  268. kimley says:

    wow that’s fast compared to my 2oohp turbo charged rover
    wanna feel that 545hp drive.
    want that car

  269. kimley says:

    compared to the 200 hp turbo charged car
    545hp I want that car.

  270. Louie says:


    omg, i’ve been doing my best to post a picture of my Lexus ISF everyday to gain an entry!

    “May the odds be in your favor” – Hunger Games…..LOL!

  271. Cindy says:

    Since my car was in an accident, I would love to be able to visit my children in DC in a new car!!

  272. Stone says:

    I have been looking at and reviewing this amazing car for months! I just turned 17 and right now have a all black toyota celica! I love this car though, by far my favorite car! I love that you guys are giving it away, Goodluck everyone and thank you @ebaymotors

  273. Mel says:

    Dream car I wish it with all my heart :)

  274. Stephen Parks says:

    I hope I win this amazing car. It’s awesome of ebay Garage to have this sweepstakes!

  275. Ahmed Faruqu says:

    Who won?

  276. Rene Anguiano says:

    I hope I win it!

  277. Ahmed Faruqu says:

    Okay thanks

  278. Bo says:

    im feeling lucky!

  279. eBay Motors says:

    Thanks Bo. We’ll be doing a full review of everyone’s submissions and will announce the winner later this summer by August 31st.

  280. Chris Fix says:

    EBay Motors I can’t stop thinking of the giveaway.. Please give the car away so I can stop with the fantasies, thanks.

  281. Phil Vinson says:

    Dear Ebay Motors,
    The anticipation for a beautiful car that could go to anyone in the,” Ebay Motors world,” is Freaking Killing ME! Wish the drawing was sooner. Good Day.

  282. eBay Motors says:

    Paul & Chris,

    We appreciate your kind words. We’re excited to share the news on the winner later this summer.

  283. Lee says:

    In the rules it says the drawing should be today. Is it on the 15th or the 22 of july?

  284. Christopher Desautels says:

    Wow!!! A Truly Amazing and Exciting Giveaway/Sweepstakes!!! Definitely on edge for this one!

  285. Ahmed says:

    Who won??

  286. Faizal Nisar says:

    Hi eBay, did I win?

  287. John says:

    Where will the winner be announced? Will they be contacted before the public announcement? I got my 2013 GT-R brochure from Nissan in the mail on the 15th. I’ll look at that coincidence as a good omen! I’ll need to budget for a new pair of underwear, along with the tax and title.

  288. Melodie garcia says:

    I can’t sleep just thinking about it!!! I hope I win.

  289. Chris Fix says:

    I pray The Lord and eBay bless me with this GT-R.. However, I probably will never win something this incredible. Nevertheless, the anticipation of who will win is killing me in the mean time.. eBay please share and post pictures of the winner when he/she is announced!

    • Nam Nguyen says:

      THe lord love you, therefore, he will not grant you the GTR because you ll will just kill yourself jk

  290. Lee says:

    excited and praying!

  291. TwoJacks says:

    Nice car and all, but If I won, I’d take money instead or sell it. That 100k plus could easily buy me two nice boats (fishing and sail) and a decent down payment on a house.

  292. Mel says:

    Tomorrow can be the day :) i hope to win and replace my old car for that beauty..!!! Neeed anee carrrr. Good luck everyone.

  293. Pavel says:

    I am feeling lucky! Hopefully “should be announced on July 22nd” means that it will :) Definitely will enjoy it right off the bat daily and on the track!

  294. Been waiting for this day since the sweepstakes started! Winner should be announced soon. Really hoping to get the lucky e-mail or phone call. A perfect dream to come true if I can pick up my own GT-R so that I can enjoy it daily with the community!

    Here’s a look at my car for the eBay Garage Fantasy Car Sweepstakes! Wish me luck and good luck to everyone!

  295. Nam Nguyen says:

    The funny thing is the winner is going to be like some old white dude in like the middle of nowhere like arkansas lol

  296. Chau says:

    HOLY SMOKE…If I win this baby. I need at least 5 Grand to pay for sales tax. What a dream car. I would car wash this baby every day. EVERYYYY DAYY..Waxxx it everyday..You goin learn today..babbby

  297. Brian says:

    PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE! I really want to win this car…I would be the best owner ever…I will wash it, and feed it high octane gas, and drive it viciously through the corners and open it up wide so it can breathe. PROMISE

  298. Melodie garcia says:

    When do you say who won!!! Please let it be me!!!

  299. Jeff says:

    Confused on the announcement date. Under thr rules & guidelines page, it
    states July 22nd but eBay responded stating by the end of summer Aug 31st.

    Which one is it ?

    Good luck to all.

  300. Kenneth B says:

    I’ve saved up enough money for the taxes. I want this car more than anything! I’m waiting for that call or email. I’ll pick Godzilla up today!

  301. Michael W. says:

    GTR = GET THE RUSH!!!!!

    GTR = GRAB THE RIDE!!!!!

    GTR = GRIP THE ROAD!!!!!



    • Lee says:

      The taxes is just the beginning :) The GT-R has very hefty maintenance costs! A lot of people dont account for the mx costs! Good luck!

  302. Carlo J says:

    Who won?

  303. Zach E says:

    ^ I think everyone wants to know that!! :P They will announce it when they pick a winner…

  304. Rory T Vitaga says:

    Im just waiting on the phone call or email, Im ready to pick this beauty up from the lot! She will be in good hands ladies and gents =)

  305. william says:

    good luck everyone, and if a winner has already been picked congratulations!

  306. Zach E says:

    Am I the only one that has refreshed this page about 1,000 times today? :)

  307. eBay Motors says:

    We have determined a winner and will be sharing these details with you soon. A sincere thank you for all of those that participated as this has been one of our most successful sweepstakes here at eBay Motors.

    We’ll have more opportunities later this year, so please stay tuned!

  308. Rory T Vitaga says:

    Does that mean the winner have been contacted or will be contacted soon? Because I’m still waiting on that phone call or email =)

  309. Kevin B says:

    give it to a mech E, I’ll know what to do

  310. Nam Nguyen says:

    It’ll be funny if it someone that work for Ebay won the GTR lol..

  311. Lee says:

    EBAY please tell if you have notified the winner yet!!! the suspense is killing me! I am supposed to be fixing airplanes right now. Big Blue is not going to be happy.

  312. eBay Motors says:

    We have notified the winner at this time and will be making a formal announcement next month.

  313. Darn, haven’t received that lucky e-mail yet… If the winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, can I be the runner up? I did what I could to promote the eBay sweepstakes with the graphic I made of my Sentra with some GT-R sightings as well as updated my profile with several photos of my car. Thanks eBay for holding this amazing sweepstakes opportunity! Congrats to the winner. :)

  314. Dex says:

    How was the winner notified?….cuz my phone was off the last few days. Just making sure :)

  315. Raik says:

    Lovly car I wonttttttttttt…….

  316. Raik says:

    Nic to meat you Nissan I love your colur it’s red it’s for me $$$$$$$

  317. Marcus H says:

    If the winners phone was off I hope they sent an email or something in the mail to notify them because that woul suck if you won and didn’t even know.

  318. Matt says:

    Wish they would tell us who the winner was…

  319. Brian says:

    Would it not be awesome to replace my Nissan Sentra with this incredible machine…Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum in my garage… When the kids say “can I drive the Nissan?” I’ll say sure…… Not the GTR!


  320. Allen says:

    So who was the winner?! Congrats! But, I hope the winner’s entries were reviewed. Some people upload pictures of cars found on the internet and some weren’t even cars!

  321. eBay Motors says:

    Here is our official announcement of the winner.

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