31 Aug

eBay Listing: 1967 Cadillac DeVille

Cadillac has always been the Gold standard for GM, and this Caddy comes straight out of the era when bigger was better – it’s nearly 19 feet long and weighs over 4,500 pounds. If you’re looking for curb appeal in a ’60s cruiser, you’ve found the right car. Just don’t try to parallel park it in town unless you have a few spotters onboard to help.

The seller says he bought this car from its original owner’s estate, and that it’s in great shape overall, thanks to a lifetime of being garaged in a car-friendly California climate. Both the paint and the interior are solid and look original, aside from some added pinstripes on the exterior. The car’s been given all new brakes, a rebuilt TH400 automatic transmission, a rebuilt 429-ci V8, and newer whitewall tires on all four corners. It sounds like all it really needs is a new owner—but that owner had better have a house with a very deep garage.

Cadillacs like this featured power everything and tended to be great highway cruisers, so what it may lack in city maneuverability it’ll make up for in outright comfort on the road. And it’s the perfect thing to get you noticed at that next cocktail party. Click the link to see the listing: 1967 Cadillac De Ville

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