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06 May

Don’t Mess With a Predator on a Motorcycle

Motorcyclists get the lion’s share of attention on asphalt: drivers confined to their hybrids, small sedans, and kid-toting SUVs look on at the two-wheel riders with emotions ranging from apprehension to disdain to downright envy. Let’s face it, what these bikers don’t need is more notoriety. But that’s exactly what motorcyclists get when wearing Predator helmets. NLO-Moto’s unique line of Predator motorcycle helmets antes up the bad-assness of any biker with their alien-esque, ILM movie-like designs.

Predator All 600x351 Dont Mess With a Predator on a Motorcycle

Custom Predator helmet designs

Credit: NLO-Moto
Adding to the eccentricity of this headgear are rope dreadlocks with tiny carbon spears affixed to the ends. And these other-worldly helmets even have red LED lasers that can be controlled by a laser-sight. But are these hellatious helmets all style and no substance? According to the manufacturer’s website, the designs are created on actual fiberglass, carbon fiber, and polycarbonate motorcycle helmets to keep in line with safety standards. The newer Predator models (shown above) will set you back $780, but you can score a less-audacious, slick Predator model on eBay that’s still sure to turn heads for approximately $120.

Unfortunately, because the shell seriously limits visibility, the helmet has not been certified for road use by DOT, so we wouldn’t recommend actually wearing it on the road.

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  1. shagg geffrard says:

    where could i buy this helmet?

    • Derek Mau says:

      There was one on eBay last week. Click the link within the body of the blog post for “predator helmet” search results on eBay.

      The NLO-Moto website states that orders are temporarily suspended for custom lids.

  2. CommonSense says:

    Stupid aggressive post. Last one I ‘messed’ around with was one of those losers, failed to yield (probably lazy, wanted to follow other bikers). I took my ‘freedom’ and went thru my green light.

    I have a dash camera, it was clear to the judge that the biker failed to yield. He will be limping for the rest of his life.

    Don’t mess with what is right.

  3. yohn fredy galindo says:


  4. click here says:

    That’s a pretty awesome looking. I just wonder how heavy it is

  5. Motorradbekleidung says:

    I don’t think that this kind of helmet is perfect for everyone. Only a few rough looking bikers would buy this kind of disgusting designs.

  6. mark boucher says:

    Wow, these predator motorcycle helmets are pretty awesome, but you have mentioned that these helmets has not been certified for raod use.Is it a helmet or a mask?

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