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  1. Neil Helfgot says:

    I saw this 1971 Datsun 240Z and thought it would make a great feature car as it is very well presented in the ad listing provided above. Let me know if you guys post a feature about it, my email is

  2. eBay Motors says:


    Great photo! We’ll be in touch!

  3. andy allen says:

    i need to know if a 96 ranger head or heck the whole darn motor will fit in a 94 ranger without having to rewire the cpu anyone know this??

  4. Ashfaq Hussain says:

    lo0king vry nice

  5. Wallace Scales says:

    Some one has messed with the site to the point if you are looking at corvettes you have to look at all of them no matter what year you want and it is the same with all of them can someone check and fix the problem.

  6. Vincent Mathies says:

    Don’t trust trying to buy anything ull get screwed like me n my wife we sent the money n never received the truck we wanted to buy n never heard anything after the transaction was made

  7. Gunny says:

    Why is it you people feel a need to mess with sites? If its not broke do no fix it. Now in order to try and view different projects that I may be interested in, one has to go through page after page of junk mixed in with the various projects. I don’t have to buy my projects on your web site and I’m tired of going though all kinds of junk people are trying to sell, just to view these projects vehicles.

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