1974 toyota celica
25 Oct

Celestial Celica Appears Heavenly

eBay Listing: 1974 Toyota Celica

Toyota Celicas have a history of racing and the enthusiasm for these “classic” Japanese cars is growing. While not many, if any, Celicas are commanding extreme prices yet, we venture a guess that those built from 1970-1977 will most likely appreciate the quickest seeing as those were the first years that model was produced. Many of those early cars seem to be tastefully modified or restored, and in the case of today’s car, it was not only partially restored, it was also modified to increase its appeal. The first generation Celica has been called a “Baby Mustang” in the past and we see the resemblance, a smaller Japanese answer to the well-loved domestic stallion.

1974 toyota celica 3 600x393 Celestial Celica Appears Heavenly

So what is so heavenly, about an early Toyota Celica from the 1970’s? Arguably it’s a future classic of a Japanese domestic market variety. But, it is also a car that is relatively affordable but different from most vehicles at an American car show. If you have an appreciation for odd or eccentric vehicles that can stand out from the crowd, then this car might be for you. If you just want to blend in with the rest, a Corvette or Mustang might suffice. But show up in a Toyota Celica, and you are more likely to be one of one, with people asking, “What is that?” Sometimes it can be more fun having a car that is unique, and we’d argue a Celica like this one most definitely is. So keep an eye out for pristinely maintained and clean examples of early Japanese cars because select Datsuns, certain Hondas, some Mazdas, and even Toyotas are catching attention as future collector cars. You never know what the future might hold in collectability of those makes from Japan.

1974 toyota celica 10 600x397 Celestial Celica Appears Heavenly

Today’s 1974 Toyota Celica has obviously had some cosmetic work including a 2012 repaint, which appears to have been done quite well. The list of new parts on this car alone shows that the previous owner viewed this car as a labor of love. Clearly a great deal of effort was spent to achieve what is arguably a high level of mechanical and cosmetic restoration, and with a bit of customization to help this “Celestial” Celica will live on for years to come.

We invite you to check out the auction listing — which has links to photo galleries documenting the restoration and post-restoration — before it closes (Oct 31, 2013 15:06:07 PDT): 1974 Toyota Celica

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  1. tom says:

    Great looking Celica. I lucked out and found a triple black sunchaser (convertible) on a 1980 GT 5 spd with only 89,000 miles. I’ve had it almost a year and love it. Decent mileage, handling and power in a rarely seen fun to drive car. I’d recommend one to anyone!

  2. Neil Helfgot says:

    Thanks for your comment Tom! I too have an appreciation for the Toyota Celica this is my second article about that make of vehicle. The last one was about a 1990 All-Trac Turbo, an impressive car in its own right. Sunchasers are interesting cars as well. Thanks again for your comment.

    -Neil J. Helfgot

  3. Cody says:

    Thank you to the author Tom for posting this. I appreciate the compliments and am flattered my efforts on this car have not gone un-noticed. Thanks!

  4. KTMrider says:

    My ultimate dream car- one I would do anything and probably pay anything for: 1984 or 1985 Toyota Celica GT-S Liftback.
    Wanted one so badly back then.
    Still looks great today.

  5. mickey says:

    hi guy from ROMA italy… i need a toyota celica from the 70′s like this but black here in itlay i wanna know the cost…
    i see u averyweek on tv… yeahhh ciao belli
    forza roma

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