23 Jun

A Love for American Classic Cars, From Sweden to the U.S.

Before Jaakkola was old enough to earn a driver’s license, he visited car shows and immersed himself in 1950s movies. In 1998, when he reached Sweden’s legal driving age of 18, he purchased his first car, a 1965 Chrysler 300—despite his father’s protests. “As long as you live in this house, you will not buy an American car,” his father once warned.


26 May

1970 Chrysler Convertible Served as Platform for Racing Queen

A 1970 Chrysler 300H convertible, used to promote Hurst aftermarket performance products, will forever be associated with racing queen Linda Vaughn. The unique vehicle is now on sale on eBay. The vehicle is affectionately know as the “Parade Float,” according to the seller, because it crisscrossed the country in the 1970s with iconic beauty queen Linda Vaughn perched on top of a platform.


Dinan BMW 435i F32/F33 Stage 1
27 Apr

Dinan BMW 435i Stage 1, the Sum of All Parts

Dinan Signature Series – Stage 1 BMW 435i By Alex Kramer and Derek Mau Dinan has been tuning BMWs since 1979 and has developed an enviable reputation for extracting even more performance out of some of the world’s best high performance sedans and coupes. From ECU modifications to upgraded suspension, exhaust, brakes and wheels, Dinan […]


1990 range rover great divide expedition
11 Sep

Modifying a Range Rover

If you own a Range Rover, odds are you believe in going big or going home. While your Range Rover is an incredibly capable off-road vehicle in its’ stock configuration, there are a few things you can do to convert a plain-Jane Range Rover into an off-roading beast.


2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
27 Feb

Chevrolet’s Z/28 is the Most Track-Worthy Camaro to Date

Could it be the best production track car, ever? Chevrolet wants drivers to be ready to drop that $75,000 with confidence when the time arrives for the new year models to roll off the dealer lots, so they have been very generous with this details of the Z/28. The automaker even spelled it all out […]


eBay OEM Parts Center
31 Oct

Quality OEM Parts From Over 40 Manufacturers in One Place

Have you checked out the eBay Motors OEM Parts Center yet? If not you should swing by for a look. No matter what you’re searching for you’re sure to find it here and many times for less than what you’d pay at the dealership — some even with free shipping. Many of the parts and […]


automotive OEM badges
24 Oct

Rev up Your Ride at eBay Motors OEM Parts Center

Whenever the time comes to replace a part or add an accessory to your ride the question always arises — aftermarket or OEM? There are pros and cons of using either one, but usually it’s a safe bet to stick with OEM. Sure they cost a little more and you have to get them at […]


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