30 Aug

1973 Mazda RX2

Here are two tips that rotary enthusiasts are sure to spit out if you ever question their beloved Wankel: 1: the engines must be given time to warm up fully for oil circulation; and 2: the engines must be redlined weekly to clear out carbon buildup. If it really is as simple as that, sign […]


29 Aug

1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL

This ’64 Galaxie 500XL looks mean and clean, with shiny silver paint, gleaming chrome, a smooth vinyl top, and black steelies with chrome lugs. The drive train is a hopped-up matching-numbers 390 with 4-speed, although the engine now wears 427 valve covers (with 427 badges on the front fenders). This car’s list of performance upgrades […]


26 Aug

1954 Triumph TR2

This ’54 Triumph looks like a great late-summer roadster that’s ready to be driven right away. It boasts complete history, three owners from new, a partial restoration in the 1980s, a repaint completed in 1990, and has been in heated storage since 2003. It is now described as a “good driver,” and the seller states, […]


25 Aug

1973 Ferrari 246 GT Dino Spyder

Ferrari’s curvaceous Dino was the company’s first serious stab at bringing a mid-engine car to the consumer market. 3,883 Dino 246s were made in a six year period, including this red ’73 GT Spyder. If you look closely and wonder why the steering wheel is on the opposite side, don’t try and flip the image.  […]


24 Aug

1968 Datsun 510 sedan

This 1968 510 looks remarkably intact for a 43-year-old Japanese econobox. Appreciation for the model is growing today among the tuning set, as a low-buck alternative to the BMW 2002, but the cars were never preserved or cherished by collectors when they were new. Most examples were just driven into the ground, used up, and […]


23 Aug

1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS

If vintage, reliable muscle is what you’re looking for, check out this ’68 Camaro.  Its 327 with 4-speed is the same tried-and-true powertrain combination used in earlier generations of the Corvette.  “This is a driver,” the seller notes. “You can drive this car across the country.” And with power steering and a/c, it’ll be a […]


22 Aug

1953 Volkswagen Bus

This ’53 splittie is a real-deal German work vehicle that has quite possibly never transported a bong in its life. It was reportedly used “for hauling furniture and fire tending” at the Hukla furniture factory in Hannover until 2004. It has now been thoroughly restored, with power from a 1954 36-hp engine, and is being […]


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