1962 ford falcon squire wagon | ebay
05 Aug

1962 Ford Falcon, This Time It’s Personal

eBay Listing: 1962 Ford Falcon Squire Wagon Personal connections with cars can often run deep. It is one of many reasons people desire a classic car, especially one in good or great condition that reconnects you to your inner child who recalls the car their father drove with them in the backseat. Or maybe it […]


1972 ford gran torino sport
23 Jul

Detroit Muscle, American Steel, 72 Gran Torino Sport

eBay Listing: 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport Detroit Muscle, American Steel, waxed and gleaming in the moonlight – sometimes you have to have to call things like you see them. And, Michigan is a state where there is still a great deal of passion for cars. Yes there is recovery to be done, and yes […]


1971 datsun 240z
21 Jul

Vintage Japanese Datsun 240Z Pursues Modern Classic Title

eBay Listing: 1971 Datsun 240Z Series 1 Sometimes in life things, people, places, and even ideas come full circle. When you might’ve looked at something one way, the sands of time can alter your perceptions.  It seems like an eternity, but one of my first posts for the eBay Motors blog was a Datsun 240Z. […]


1966 Lotus Elan
08 Jul

1966 Lotus Elan, Simplicity in Details

eBay Listing: 1966 Lotus Elan Series 2 “Simplify, then add lightness,” was Colin Chapman’s philosophy, way before minimalism became commonplace. “Adding power makes you faster on the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.” Essentially what Mr. Chapman understood was less weight is a huge principal in adding fun to driving sports cars, because the […]


1967 alfa romeo duetto spider
03 Jul

Mrs. Robinson – you are trying to seduce me … Aren’t you?

eBay Listing: 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto “Sexy” is a very subjective word frequently applied to people, but it also describes the curves of the Alfa Romeo Duetto or Spider. Sure it could apply to other cars too but for us there is a romanticized relationship with Italian car manufacturers. They have a passion that is […]


1962 lincoln continental convertible
23 Jun

Spectacularly Cool and Ahead of its Time

eBay Listing: 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible Updated: Aug 7, 2014 The death of our former president was a traumatic moment for our nation, one that hurt many of us deeply. He was arguably a charismatic president, with many interesting tastes. His Lincoln Continental limousine has since become immortalized due in part to its notoriety in […]


1949 mg tc exu roadster
16 Jun

MG TC Roadster That Harkens Back to a Bygone Era

eBay Listing: 1949 MG TC Roadster A wise mechanic once said, “Older classic cars and their engines are supposed to leak oil, smell bad, and go forth screaming into the modern age.” We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment, because there is a certain charm that comes with classic car ownership. If anything we’d only […]


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