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#72 Shannon McIntosh Dodge Charger Cunningham Motorsports
08 Aug

My First ARCA Race

Getting Back in My Element “You look like someone who is finally home after being away for a while,” said Dave Muscarella (aka @DaveMuscarella via twitter). It felt exactly like that and more. It was like the saying “just like riding a bike”, except with a brand new cushion seat, new shoes, a new paint […]


shannon mcintosh and dad racing micros
30 Jun

Keep On, Keepin’ On (A Story of Perseverance)

This week, I want to follow up my first blog about my dad (“Makin’ Do With Whatcha Have”) with a little piece about how I learned to “keep on, keepin’ on”. I come from a paycheck to paycheck, cut it close and take a risk, punch-the-clock, 60+ hours a week, Monday through Saturday, fix it […]


shannon mcintosh receiving some fatherly advice
09 Jun

Makin’ Do With Watcha Have

When I think of my dad, I think of a man who has truly given me life. My father is a humble, hardworking man who has always provided for my family and I. Through lots of ups and downs, he has always offered the best wisdom and advice, and I can’t imagine where I’d be […]


McLaren Spyder
07 Jan

Guide : Buying Your First Sports Car

So you’ve always wanted to buy a “sports car” and you’ve finally decided to go for it, but you don’t even know where to start? Buying a sports car can be overwhelming for many reasons. Many buyers can’t decide and end up buying on impulse after they are won over by a good salesman. It’s […]


custom hot rods | ebay collection by shannon mcintosh
06 Nov

eBay Collections: Custom Hot Rods

Collection: Custom Hot Rods by “shannonmac” I have always had a love for cars. I’ve always loved muscle cars and a great curiosity for hot rods. I’ve been to dozens of car shows in my life and the lifestyle and passion that the folks who are passion about hot rods are one of a kind. […]


maria de villota, sean edwards
16 Oct

Our Passion Fuels Our Desire Over the Risks

The Motosports World Suffers the Loss of Another Racecar Driver All over the world, the motorsports community lingers in a dark cloud yet again. Just four days after Formula One test driver, Maria De Villota was found dead, we have learned that Porsche Supercup Championship driver, Sean Edwards was killed. Neither of them were driving […]


Shannon McIntosh
25 Apr

Excuse Me Sir, You Say Women Can’t Race?

A 23 year old woman’s 18 year racing career has a pointed perspective on Sir Stirling Moss’ opinion that women don’t have the mental aptitude to race. I remember back when I raced USAC Midgets (a 900 pound, 400 horsepower beast of a machine), and someone told my dad “she looks and acts like a […]


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