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Justin Bell Nissan GT-R
12 Jun

You Have a Shot at Winning a Nissan GT-R®

June 6 thru July 4, eBay Motors is giving away gift cards daily and a Nissan GT-R® is the grand prize. Click the link to learn all the details: eBay Garage Fantasy Car Sweepstakes


WFCS2.24 Night Vision Driving in Audi
19 Dec

World’s Fastest Car Show, Night Vision Driving

WFCS 2.24 – Night Vision Driving in an Audi In my racing career I have done a lot of fun crazy things, but none like this one! When my producer suggested it I thought he was joking, but next thing I knew I was hurtling around a race track fixated on a three inch screen […]


WFCS 2.23 Recreating Bullitt Chase Scene
18 Dec

World’s Fastest Car Show, Bullitt Car Chase [video]

WFCS 2.23 – Recreating Classic Bullitt Car Chase Driving the streets of San Francisco in the tire marks of one of the most famous car chase scenes was a real treat. Since the movie Le Mans we have had a family connection to Steve McQueen. So knowing that I was seeing what he saw (albeit […]


Justin Bell at Snetterton
17 Dec

Justin Bell Drives New Jaguar F-TYPE [video]

Three world-renowned drivers – Justin Bell, Martin Brundle, and Christian Danner – were invited to test drive prototype models of the new Jaguar F-TYPE at Snetterton Race Circuit and on the roads surrounding Norfolk in the UK. While both the 380hp V6 and 495hp V8 models are still considered prototype models and were wearing camouflage […]


world's fastest car show with justin bell
15 Oct

World’s Fastest Car Show, Season 2, Episode 9 [video]

WFCS 2.9 Test Driving the Mercedes-Benz GL450 Spaceships, futuristic technology and the new Mercedes GL450 all came together for me when I headed to New Mexico to take this impressive vehicle on a road trip. And as you would expect when you land that close to the infamous area of Roswell – some strange things […]


2013 BMW M6 convertible
11 Oct

World’s Fastest Car Show, Season 2, Episode 8 [video]

WFCS 2.8: BMW M6 Over the years some of my best driving experiences have come courtesy of BMW and this time, with the roof down under the brilliant California mountain sunshine, I had another one. What an amazingly fast and enjoyable car the M6 convertible is and to think, this type of a good time […]


world's fastest car show season 2, episode 7 - fiat abart, las vegas
08 Oct

World’s Fastest Car Show, Season 2, Episode 7 [video]

WFCS 2.7: Fiat Abarth, Las Vegas I’m always up for life’s challenges, but this one may be extreme — even for me. I was to go to Vegas, stay in the most exclusive hotel room on the strip, take the new Fiat Abarth and see how much trouble I can get into. After getting the […]


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