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09 Oct

Diesel Cars Are Fun High-MPG Alternative to Hybrids

In the past decade, the gas-electric Toyota Prius has risen in status from science project to mainstream vehicle. In September, the 50-mpg hybrid was the eighth most popular car in the U.S., and the biggest gainer—more than doubling sales from a year ago. But for all the merits of hybrid technology—great fuel economy and low […]


2012 Toyota Prius Plugin
04 Oct

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

The Toyota Prius, the quintessential hybrid car, now comes in four distinct flavors. There’s the conventional liftback; the wagon-like Prius V; the compact Prius C; and since March, a plug-in version. It’s currently offered in only 15 states, but it goes national next year. Toyota wants to sell 15,000 a year. A few weeks ago, […]


cold weather driving
26 Sep

Top Five Reasons MPG Drops in Colder Weather

Now that summer is, unfortunately, in the rear-view-mirror, perhaps you’ve noticed the days getting shorter and the nights cooler. As temperatures continue to drop, you might also see a slight decline in your car’s MPG. That’s completely normal, and should be expected. In fact, by the heart of winter, the drop in fuel efficiency could […]


Nissan Leaf Monroney
25 Sep

Used Hybrids and EVs Retain Value

Study: Used Hybrids and Electric Cars Retain Value The economics of buying a fuel-efficient car can be misleading.  Critics of hybrids and electric cars often say, “They’re not worth it.”  That’s because their calculations about payback period—how long it takes to recoup a higher upfront cost—often exclusively look at fuel savings, based on higher MPG. […]


sierra club logo
22 Sep

Exclusive: Sierra Club’s Director Talks About Green Cars

More than sixty communities around the country will be holding events to celebrate the second annual National Plug-in Day on Sunday, September 23. The event, designed to stimulate interest in electric cars, is organized by the Electric Auto Association, Plug In America—and perhaps surprising to some people—the Sierra Club. eBay Green Driving spoke with Michael […]


1918 Detroit Electric Model 75
18 Sep

Green Car: 1918 Detroit Model 75

The Detroit Electric automobile company produced about 14,000 pure electric vehicles during its 32-year run from 1907 to 1939. This Model 75, made in 1918, is one of only several hundred still on the road today. In 1918, when this Model 75 was produced, electric vehicles were already going the way of the horse. The […]


04 Sep

Green Car: 2000 Corbin Sparrow

The Corbin Sparrow is a single-passenger, three-wheeled, pure-electric people mover. Only 300 of these wonderfully funky vehicles were produced, from 1992 to 2002. This one up for auction on eBay is Number 140. It’s even more unique—if that’s possible— because its owner has tricked it out with a custom metallic dark gray paint job, chrome […]


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