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2008 tesla roadster
14 Jun

Great Deal on 2008 Tesla Roadster

eBay Listing: 2008 Tesla Roadster While the Tesla Model S sedan has become the media darling of the electric car world, let’s not forget that Tesla’s screaming fast two-seat Roadster is the car that proved just how cool EVs can be. And now, thanks to Tesla’s certified pre-owned (CPO) program, the all-electric soft-top sports car […]


02 Jun

Rare 1983 All-Electric KurbWatt Postal Van

eBay Listing: 1983 All-Electric KurbWatt Postal Van America is in the midst of a boom in domestic energy production. The current heavy flow of oil and natural gas might wash away memories of a time when the global spigots were turned off. But this Electric KurbWatt—one of only 50 that were ever built—is listed on […]


1991 Alfa Romeo 164 Electric
03 May

Classic 1991 Alfa Romeo 164, Converted to Electric

eBay Listing: 1991 Alfa Romeo 164 The Alfa Romeo 164 was styled at Pininfarina, the famed Italian car design firm. It was unveiled at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show, as the last car offered before Alfa Romeo was purchased by Fiat. Alfa was well known as a sports car brand. The 164 was the company’s […]


Toyota Prius C
22 Apr

Our Top Five Favorite Hybrids for Earth Day

It’s been more than 40 years since the first Earth Day. In that time, hybrid and electric car technology has been transformed from Buck Rogers fantasy to an everyday reality. Back in the day, driving a fuel-sipping car forced eco-minded motorists to settle on a stripped-down sluggish econobox. Today, there are more than available 40 […]


VW EL1 plug-in hybrid
01 Mar

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Is Prequel to VW Electric Vehicles

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By all accounts, Volkswagen was one of the last major car companies to offer a hybrid, when it introduced the Touarag SUV Hybrid in 2010. There’s a 2012 gas-electric Touareg available via an eBay Motors classified right now. It’s a very capable and attractive upscale mid-size SUV, offering 333 horsepower via its Audi V6 engine […]


1965 mini monster
24 Jan

1965 Classic Mini Monster

Before hybrids and electric cars hit the green car scene, the best fuel efficiency strategy was to downsize. But for decades, opting for a smaller car, in order to go further on a gallon of gas, meant driving an “econobox” — a joyless, stripped-down model with little oomph and even less style. One exception has […]


28 Nov

All-Electric Fiat 500e Unveiled at L.A. Auto Show

Fiat today unveiled an all-electric version of its iconic 500 subcompact. Every bit as cute and iconic as the gas-powered Fiat 500, the so-called 500e takes on a blend of both retro and futuristic design—complete with dot patterns on the front grille influenced by Italian furniture, and a new Electric Orange color for the exterior, […]


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