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27 Jul

2016 Mazda Miata: 155 Horsepower Can Be Satisfying

After a thrilling day driving the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata last week through the twisties of the Angeles National Forest, I was again reminded of a basic fact about automotive performance: great cars are not about raw horsepower, but how they make you feel.


08 Jul

Interpreting Engine Codes Is Easy With Right OBD Reader

Too often, a vehicle’s on-board processors and sensors are generating engine codes that can only be accessed by proprietary systems, granting professional mechanics a way to interpret warning codes—but blocking you out. Here’s the good news: a high-quality yet affordable reader for your car’s data port can serve as a powerful diagnostic tool.


02 Jul

A Tale of Two Batmobiles

The 1966 George Barris Batmobile is probably the one you know. But it’s neither the first Batmobile, or in my mind, the purest expression of automotive Batmania. That distinction goes to Forrest Robinson’s original ground-up 1959-1963 design, an extraordinary vehicle up for on eBay from July 4.


01 Jul

Alfa Romeo Unveils Giulia, In Spirt of Brand’s Classic Racers

Hundreds of journalists traveled last week to Milan, the birth place of Alfa Romeo, to see Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne unveil a new sedan. The event is part of a marketing blitz to bring back Alfa Romeo—and its design and performance heritage—to the United States.


30 Jun

1941 Town & Country Is Missing Link to Today’s Minivans

You might know the Chrysler Town & Country as the seven-passenger minivan introduced 25 years ago. But the advent of the minivan can be traced much further back: another half-century to the classic 1941 Town & Country barrel-back wood station wagon now listed on eBay.


25 Jun

New VW California Brings Camper Tradition to 21st Century

Earlier this month, Volkswagen’s European-based commercial division announced the sixth-generation of its California camper van. What? The storied tradition of the VW camper bus—established with the famous Type 2 bus in 1950 and which ran through 1991 in the form of the Vanagon—continues unabated in Europe?


22 Jun

It’s Lloyd’s Car from Entourage

Cars in movies are more than props. They commonly serve more like wardrobe, shedding light on a character—or they act as plot devices to build drama or get a laugh. In the case of this tricked-out 2003 Hyundai Tiburon used in HBO’s Entourage series, it’s a non-stop rolling punch line about Lloyd’s desire to be noticed and appreciated.


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