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31 Dec

Car Interiors 101, Part 2

After all that work to restore your car’s interior to pristine condition, you’re going to want to keep it in good shape. Sure, you could shell out a couple hundred dollars for a professional detailing shop to make your interior spic and span, but if you can spare a few hours on the weekend, you […]


Holden Concept Car interior
21 Dec

Car Interiors 101, Part 1

If you’ve ever taken your car out in rough weather, chances are the interior isn’t in the same condition as it was when it was new. Dirt, leaves, and moisture can be really hard on carpet, cloth, and even leather – especially over a long period of time. How do I know? Well, I’m right […]


14 Dec

Wheels and Tires 101, Part 2

While the wheel is dated at 3,500 BCE, the tire is a much newer invention. Many of the names involved with the development of tires are still around today. In 1844 Charles Goodyear patented (U.S. #3,633) the process to create vulcanized rubber. He discovered that if the rubber was combined with a curing agent, in […]


SSR studded wheel
13 Dec

Wheels and Tires 101, Part 1

After fire, the wheel provided the greatest technological thrust for human survival and subsequent domination of the planet in ancient times. We could travel faster and farther, filling in the blank edges of the maps, shrinking the known world. The first time we can place a date and origin on the wheel is 3,500 BCE, […]


Electrical car system 600x400
11 Dec

Electrical Car Systems 101 – What is it?

We take advantage of dozens automatic features and functions of our everyday, modern cars whether sitting in a parking lot or bolting down the highway. The one thing linking them all? Electricity. The three key components of electricity in general are voltage, current and resistance. It’s often understood as a water analogy. Current is the […]


wilwood brake kit
22 Nov

Disc Brakes 101 – Understanding How Your Car Stops

The most important part of going fast is stopping. Skydivers use parachutes and your car uses brakes. Bad things happen when parachutes or brakes fail. This eBay Motors 101 will focus on disc brakes, and we’ll look at drum brakes later in the week. In a nutshell, the basic operation of braking is stepping on […]


Team External Combustion Jeep Cherokee
14 Nov

Suspension 101

Having all the horsepower in the world won’t do you any good unless you’re able to properly transfer it to the pavement. And that involves, in some form or another, a vehicle’s suspension. Suspension is a broad term given to a vehicle’s systems of linkages, springs and shocks/struts to control ride and handling. Ride is […]


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