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30 Dec

1960 Chrysler 300F convertible

Long and low — with tailfins you could impale yourself on — was the dominant theme for full size and luxury cars heading into the 1960s. Chrysler’s 300 letter series took it further and added brute performance to the ticket. 1960’s 300F finished in the top six places in the Flying Mile competition at Daytona, […]


29 Dec

1975 Triumph TR6

This 1975 Triumph TR6 is cute in a 1970s British way, and it was recently restored. Its factory Java Green paint—either garish or charming, depending on the current status of your love affair with English cars —has been reapplied after being taken down to bare metal. Rust and suspension-mount cracking consistently plague these cars, but […]


27 Dec

1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS

In the world of Camaros, big-block and SS cars tend to get all the glory. And while factory 396 cars tend to be at the top of the heap of the Camaro hierarchy, it’s hard to go wrong with a 327 small-block and a 4-speed if you’re looking for an easy driver. This Camaro is […]


26 Dec

1964 Ford Country Sedan Wagon

Vintage American wagons have a certain cool factor you just can’t find anywhere else, especially when they’re done up as custom cruisers. They’re easy to work on, they can be built into performance powerhouses, and best of all, you can take the whole family with you. This 1964 Ford Country Sedan wagon looks great in […]


23 Dec

1941 Cadillac Series 62 convertible

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Convertible Cadillacs were long considered the epitome of American automotive styling and excess. Expensive purchase pricing, limited production and reputation — relative to the ‘everyman’ Fords, Chevrolets and Plymouths of the day — have kept a majority of these higher end vehicles from the same hot-rodded fate of the rest. This deep blue ’41 Series […]


22 Dec

1976 BMW 2002

This 1976 “M2” 2002 is said to be a two-enthusiast-owner car with lifelong documentation. It had an S-14 engine from an ’88 E30 M3 professionally installed and has been enjoyed as a track car for some time now. The post-race maintenance routine described inspires confidence: after each race, the car would get a full fluid […]


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