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31 Jan

1949 Hudson Commodore convertible

When you think of American cars from the late 1940s, chances are you don’t visualize a Hudson. But they were groundbreaking in their day, with a “Step Down” body set down inside the car’s frame rather than on top of it. The net result was a low center of gravity that made them dominant in […]


28 Jan

1966 Honda S600 Roadster

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With an engine note like a swarm of angry hornets, chain-driven rear wheels, and microscopic size, Honda’s S600 is as close as you can get to a chainsaw on four wheels.  The tiny 606-cc dual overhead-cam 4-banger spins to a crazy 9,500-rpm redline, and driving one in modern traffic requires keeping the needle above 4,000 […]


27 Jan

1941 Willys Coupe

This car is hot rod royalty.  T-Buckets and Deuce Coupes bow before the curvaceous—if otherwise plain—Willys.  All kidding aside, the Willys coupe is a very popular pre-WWII car that was lost in the success of Willys’ other famous vehicle—the Jeep.  The proper model name for the passenger vehicle that Willys produced from 1941-1942 was the […]


26 Jan

1960 Mercedes-Benz 190-Series Ponton

You can almost picture Oddjob and his henchmen in this in the movie “Goldfinger,” hotly pursuing James Bond’s DB5. Of course, if they hadn’t crashed and burned the movie cars in the chase, they’d probably still be driving today, approaching a million miles with no signs of slowing. These hand-built M-Bs were built to last, […]


25 Jan

1961 Pontiac Bonneville

This Bonneville could nearly be called a barn find.  According to the seller, it was just recently retrieved from long-term storage.  After the retrieval, the engine was rebuilt and redressed.  Most other pieces necessary for proper road operation are said to be rebuilt as well, including the carburetor, starter, distributor, brakes, and heater.  No say […]


24 Jan

1948 Studebaker Pickup

This old Stude has a great weathered patina on top of a solid chassis, and it looks like it wouldn’t take much to get it back on the road. It’s an M15-20 1-ton that’s described by the seller as a “left behind restoration.”  It features a cleaned and painted frame, a new muffler, and is […]


21 Jan

1973 Maserati Bora

When you think mid-engine exotic, the Maserati Bora probably isn’t the first car that comes to mind. But while it may not be quite as sexy as a Lamborghini Miura or as instantly recognizable as a Ferrari 308, the Bora offers something alongside its excellent performance that many of its high-dollar contemporaries don’t: comfortable amenities. […]


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