28 Dec

1981 Toyota Trekker

The “Trekker” logo on the tailgate is the only clue that this 1981 Toyota is not just another pickup. The Trekker represents the odd collaboration of Toyota and Winnebego in developing what would become the Japanese automaker’s iconic small SUV, the 4Runner. In essence, it’s a Hilux pickup with a flip-up rear seat and fixed fiberglass shell, and this particular example boasts the SR-5 trim package and good options like power steering, power brakes and a/c (which is currently disconnected).

The truck’s fashionably dated eighties graphics look factory-correct, and the seller calls it “in original condition” but says that it was frame-on restored at the 180k-mile mark.

For something that was once rather common, these are a very rare sight today, due in no small part to the strong off-roading abilities of Toyota 4x4s. This one looks nearly new, and something so nice probably belongs with a Toyota collector, rather than crawling over boulders with a pack of lifted Jeeps and FJs. But then again, we’d understand if the new owner wanted to run it up some mild fire roads for a wilderness picnic. See the listing here.

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  1. Steve Coan says:

    They are a rare sight today because many of them rusted themselves silly within 5 years. It got so bad that Toyota was forced to buy them back or offer credit toward a new truck.

  2. Brian says:

    You are a idiot, how old is steve coan . I live in a high road salt area, I have had three Toyota trucks bought them with over 100,000 miles sold them still running with close to or over 300’000. Look at what old trucks are on the road. What a dip shit

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