29 Dec

1979 International Harvester Scout II

“This truck is ready for the Friday night cruise or the Saturday trail ride,” states the seller. An upgraded stereo system and burnt orange paint may help with the Friday night scene, but the fun really happens off-road. The 304-ci Scouts have 243 pound feet of torque at a low 2,400 rpm from the factory. Combine that with three forward gears in the automatic transmission—and three ranges of gears in the transfer case—and this vintage SUV can pretty much go where it pleases.

The seller points out that this truck is not perfect, with some oil leaks from valve covers and oil pan. In addition to that, the grille, rear mat, and dash are peeling, torn, or cracked, and it needs to have side mirrors installed and its rear suspension bushings replaced. On the other hand, the a/c is said to be ice cold, and it has  new seats and new tires. And there’s even an original owner’s manual and required maintenance booklet as well.

A total of 191 1971-1980 Scouts have been sold on eBay Motors during the past year, with solid-to-excellent models bringing between $5k and $9k. See how this one’s doing here.

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