1968 Ford Mustang "Bullitt" re
30 Apr

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback “Bullitt” Replica

eBay Listing: 1968 Ford Mustang Bullitt 428 SCJ

What do you think of when someone says 1968 Mustang? Could it be “Bullitt”?

In 1968 the movie “Bullitt” was released, featuring Steve McQueen who played Lt. Frank Bullitt. If you don’t know about the film, I’ll cut to the chase. The film contains one of the most well known car chases of all time, featuring two cars, both of which became cinema legends. A black 1968 Dodge Charger loses about eight hubcaps while being chased by Steve McQueen in a Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback.

1968 Ford Mustang "Bullitt" re

The Highland Green 1968 Mustang Fastbacks used in the film developed a following as only two were built for the film’s production. Supposedly one was destroyed and the other was sold into the general public. For a long time that remaining 1968 Mustang’s whereabouts were unknown. Steve McQueen eventually tried to purchase that car, but “The King of Cool,” himself was turned down.

As a result of the elusiveness of the original “Bullitt” car, many original 1968 Mustang Fastbacks have been taken from their original specifications and transformed into a car recreating the original “Bullitt” Mustang.

1968 Ford Mustang "Bullitt" replica

This immaculate looking 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback is a recreation of the car used in the film, “Bullitt”. It has the following noteworthy features and information.

  • 428 SCJ, Super Cobra Jet engine
  • 4-speed, manual top loader transmission
  • Consistent show winner most recently WON “Best of Show” at the Bullitt Convention in Coldwater, Michigan
  • 100% original, laser straight, factory body panels FINISHED TO PERFECTION in its factory original color of Highland Green!!
  • 100% original and immaculate interior!
  • California built

Note that this Mustang was originally equipped with a Ford 289 V8, which means that the car has been modified.

428 Super Cobra Jet [SCJ] engine

Overall, this car is a wonderful example of a factory built Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang, and for any “Bullitt” fan out there looking for a recreation of their dream car – this could be it. The one that’s ready to chase some bad guys in a black Dodge Charger.

Click to read the full description and view the extensive photo gallery: 1968 Ford Mustang Bullitt 428 SCJ

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  1. Steven R. Whitson says:

    I had this same looking vehicle in 289. I really miss that car. It was a joy to ride in. It was tough to keep rear end on the ground with what was available in 67/68….Shackles with air bags between frame and shackle helped a lot. My little 289 Cleveland had so much torque that I would periodically twist the crossover arm from the clutch to the transmission and would repair it by getting a new crossover arm and have a piece of 1/2″ steel welded on top of it. That worked most of the time. I sure miss that car.

    • adam says:

      what is 289 Cleveland?

      • eBay Motors says:

        Adam, read Todd’s reply further down in the comments section. Todd explains the history of the Cleveland series of engines.

        • joe says:

          289 Cleveland. Seriously. Someone actually said that. And then someone defended that.

          eBay Motors, Adam and Todd? Yeah – all three of you turn in your “Car Guy” cards right now.

  2. Steven R. Whitson says:

    The original Bullitt was a 390 with some extras….

  3. I have the August issue of Carlife with the complete article breakdown of both cars. I was in Jr. High in 8th grade at the age of 14 when the movie came out going 4 times to see it and loved it everytime I saw it. I now own two Bullitt DVD’s.

    Mc Queen was one of my favorite actor’s who i saw in The Magnificent Seven (one of my best classic’s) and Sand Pebbles as a younger kid. Back to he Mustang GT and the Charger R/T Hickman drove the R/T for all the stunt’s he himself being one of the best stunt drivers (He also did the stunt’s in the movie the Seven up’s )in the country at the time.

    The Mustang GT needed engine mod’s but the 1968 Charger R/T needed none only suspension mod’s. When the Cars were aquired for the Movie, in testing both the Charger R/T walked all over and away from the Mustang GT.

    If anyone want’s to know the mod’s i will post them for all to see.

    It is still one of my favorite Car Movie’s and still from time to time watch.

    • I forgot to mention the year of the CarLife issue, it was August of 1969. Sorry.

    • jim says:

      i was living in san fernando valley back in 1972. i liked old cars so always got the sunday times to check out old cars for sale. the bullit mustang was listed for sale for $1,500 obo. body shop owner said it had alot of body damage. he had bought it from the studio.
      in 1990 my wife and i had the pleasure of spending the forth of july with richard crenna who was a car buff also. we talked about mcqueen and he really liked steve as a person and as as a actor. crenna said he great to work with on sand pebbles. they remained good friends. if anyone does not remember crenna he was the captain of the sand pebbles.

  4. BTW Very Nice Mustang!

  5. Neil Helfgot says:

    Dear Garo Kachadourian, thanks for all of your comments. I’m glad you liked the Mustang!

  6. eBay Motors says:

    Great to see the interest in this true classic replica bringing us back to the movie Bullitt!

  7. poppy brae says:

    what you want 4 it?

    • Steven Ly says:

      Hi, what do you want for it? is it for sale? I’m interested. let me know. thx

      • Neil Helfgot says:

        Dear Steve Ly, above if you click just to the right of where it says “Ebay listing” the text in blue that says “1968 Mustang 428 Bullitt SCJ” is hyperlinked the to actual listing so it will tell you more details about the car. Good Luck

  8. poppy brae says:

    just kidding if i had it money couldnt buy it

  9. Garo Kachadourian says:

    I forgot to also mention at the end of the artice it was said the car was repaired (only the a-frame on the left front)and then sold for…………ready for this………………….2,500.00 dollars.

    • Garo Kachadourian says:

      Ford knowing they aquired the Mustang for a movie should have given them one of the new 428 SCJ Mustangs to begin with not a 390 car. The dealer had to have known about the SCJ 428 Mustangs they were already out at the time.

      My Good friend Vinnie Lyons (Google him) own’s one of the orginal 50 Dover White 428 SCJ Mustangs. His Mustang was only Drag Raced never street driven he was the orginal driver for Rye Ford in Rye, New York the dealer which owned the car. Vinnie still goes to show’s with the car along with his wife and still on special occasion’s run’s the Mustang . Vinnie gave me a chance to drive the car once with slick’s and headers open what a treat. I have my own collection of cars and have Drag Raced over the years.

      • Neil Helfgot says:

        Dear Garo Kachadourian, I googled your friend as you requested and a picture of his 428 SCJ came right up. It looks to be a clean machine to say the least. As for the original “Bullitt,” being sold for $2,500.00 it’s hard to believe, but maybe that just adds to the “mystique” of the original vehicles for the film “Bullitt.”

  10. Todd says:


    The 289 was a member of the Windsor family of thin-wall small-block Fords along with the original 221, 260 and later 302 and 351. The 351 Cleveland came along in 1969 and by 1970 was a street/strip ripper with some good ol’ tunin’! There were ‘kits’ that enabled you to put Cleveland heads on
    289′s and 302′s. The results were called ‘Clevors’ and led to the BOSS 302′s of ’69/’70 and the BOSS 351 of 1971.


  11. adam says:

    so you had a 289 Windsor with Cleveland heads?

  12. Darren says:

    The original Steve McQueen car resides hidden in south eastern Tennessee. Was found when filming began for Charlie’s Angels(Drew Barrymore)and location scouts came across it and offered the owner $$$$$ and a supper with Drew but passed on it.He IS the third owner and the car probably will never be restored.What a waste.He even turned down Steve himself from buying it back in ’77 after his divorce from Ali McGraw.He had only had the car for a short 5 yrs buy this time.That car deserves to be in the Ford Museum restored of course.From what I’ve read,it is about 95% complete even the steering wheel is there which was a special item requested buy McQueen himself.Here in Alberta(Canada) in the city I live in there is a exact duplicate of that car that shows up at the local shows and let me tell you it’s very well done.It also was for sale at the asking price of $60k. Well worth the money I think if one can’t have the original.

    • Derek Mau says:

      That is such a cool story, Darren. Too bad the current owner of the Bullitt Mustang won’t give it up or fully restore the car. This person is truly hardcore for turning down McQueen’s offer many years ago and hanging onto the car for all these years.

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