1963 Studebaker Avanti
18 Mar

1963 Studebaker Avanti

The early 1960s saw an explosion in styling exercises by American car manufacturers. Not to be outdone, Studebaker introduced the Avanti 4-seat coupe with, um, “unique” styling in 1962. The fiberglass body continued in production by Studebaker and independents using the Avanti name for a couple more decades, but early cars like this 1963 example must have seemed like an alien spacecraft sighting in their day. Their simple and sporty interiors, grill-less front ends, and solid performance from their 289 cu. in. V8s were icing on the cake.

1963 studebaker avanti 3 600x406 1963 Studebaker Avanti

An example (albeit an excellent and very early car off the line with a factory supercharged R2 engine… unlike the standard V8 in this R1 example) recently topped $74,000 at a classic car auction. Was it an anomaly or the beginning of a rise in interest in these models?

1963 studebaker avanti 5 600x355 1963 Studebaker Avanti

This car is said to have had an older restoration with little wear since. The interior is partially disassembled, but appears complete. Unfortunately, no photos of the dashboard are provided which is a shame because it’s a real styling standout in this model with beautiful aircraft-inspired chrome switches and unusually restrained detailing for the period. Photos in this listing leave a fair amount to the imagination but there are some good pictures of the car during restoration and the engine compartment looks very clean and complete.

1963 studebaker avanti 4 600x415 1963 Studebaker Avanti

According to Hagerty’s Price Guide, the current bid price appears to be a bit below average (currently bidding at $15,100 with reserve not yet met) for an R1 for an example that appears to be just a few steps away from being a well above-average car.

These are driveable classics with decent power and an enthusiastic following. If you are looking for an interesting, historic, and unique vehicle… and you like the look… these early Studebaker Avantis are worth checking out.

1963 studebaker avanti 2 600x374 1963 Studebaker Avanti

Click the link to learn more details. The seller includes his contact information if you have questions. 1963 Studebaker Avanti

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  1. Dick Gervasi says:

    I have a 1969 Avanti II with 69-K miles. I have owned this car for the past 18 yrs.It is in exc condition. These cars are worth alot more than they are selling for now.

  2. Stu Koblentz says:

    “…Um ‘unique’ styling…”? That is a really back handed comment. Seriously. The Avanti is one of the most gorgeous, time enduring designs. That it came from Studebaker in its final days makes it more remarkable. That the Altman Brothers were able to take the car independent, and it enjoyed a 30+ year production is a testament to its design. But that comment was uncalled for. Classless.

    • Rich Ker says:

      I don’t think it was a back handed comment, not everyone has the same taste in design. I have been driving a car that I always thought was a wonderful design and after owning three of them have recently discovered I am in the minority, seems I see something others don’t. Different strokes”

  3. Stu Koblentz says:

    Perception is reality. And it was back handed. Yes, it has one of a kind looks. But when you preface a statement with “um…” anything, it is back handed. Had you said unique looks, that stands alone, and yes, the Avanti is unique. You made a mistake in communicating your point. Instead of being defensive, you could have bowed out gracefully and um, thought about it. If you are going o blog, you have to create an atmosphere where people feel like they could communicate. Smacking me down doesn’t ruin my day, but it still doesn’t mean you proved a point. In fact, it tells me you don’t care about how you come across.

  4. Mike Presto says:

    The Avanti HAS unique styling. I certainly haven’t seen any other car company use it for inspiration for another model other than one called “Avanti.” Personally, I find these cars extremely interesting to look at but I wouldn’t consider them beautiful in a traditional sense. I like them personally, but perhaps more because of their uniqueness and the idea that it’s unlikely that a modern car manufacturer will ever take a big leap like that again the way Studebaker did in 1963. This was a car made before marketing clinics.

    If a blogger wants to express his or her opinion, why not? That’s why they have bylines, it’s one person’s opinion. It wasn’t a “smack down” of you, just an opinion about a car’s styling. I am not sure why you took it personally.

    I would actually hypothesize that the Avanti’s relatively low values in the market are at least partly related to their unique styling which, I believe, is fair to call “polarizing.”

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