22 Apr

1955 Nash Metropolitan

This ’55 Metropolitan looks like an oversized bumper car. It was restored mechanically and cosmetically within the past ten years, and the seller says “everything works like new,” including the original tube radio: “give it a minute to warm up and it works great.” He also says it gets 40 miles to the gallon. Good luck getting anywhere near that in your ’68 Camaro.

The car is said to be rust-free, and the seller describes the exterior paint as “flawless.” The interior, too, looks clean, tidy, and professionally done, but it’s not clear if the details are period-correct. The new upholstery is a “close match” to the original, and the paint is said to match the original color, but it’s not Coral Red as listed on the color chart. Suffice it to say, Nash experts obsessed with authentic details may find nits to pick, but everyone else will probably just remark on how cute it is. The drivetrain is said to be original and was rebuilt ten years ago just before the seller purchased the car.

431 Metropolitans have sold on eBay Motors in the past two years, with prices ranging from $8k to about $13k for very nice examples. Check out the listing for this one here.

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  1. Rico Kretlow | September 11, 2013
  1. Richard says:

    The owner says everything “works like new”….. Evidently that wasn’t good enough in 1955 since Nash went bankrupt shortly after this car was produced!!!!

  2. Tom S. says:

    My, my, my. Nash and Hudson merged to form American Motors in 1954. Yes, the Nash and Hudson names were no longer used after the 1957 season but the company was nowhere near bankrupt shortly after this car was made. One could buy a New Metro until the 1962 model year. American Motors was bought by Chrysler Corporation in the mid 80′s and the last AMC badged cars were built in 1987.

  3. mark cummings says:

    i wonder if the owner would trade it for a 1958 buick super lol very doubtful concidering the price of gas

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